Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feels like home...

Hello long lost friends!

I have been extremely absent from the blogging world the past 6 weeks - just been loving on our precious baby girl! However,  I have been keeping up to date on your blogs via my reader during our late night feedings!:) Thank goodness for my husband's smart phone through his work! Yes, that is right - my cell phone is straight out of the '90's... well, almost! :)

I have sat down so many times to document our "new" life, the birth story, what it is like to be a mommy, how much our little girl has changed already, etc... obviously, a blog post never resulted from those sit downs. Those posts are coming I promise... mainly because I don't want to forget these magical moments.  I ended up deciding to "give myself" the first 6 weeks of our life with Elliott Faith to just be. Just enjoy being a mom, experiencing life as a family, and as one of my mom's friends told me,"Just sit and watch my daughter's eyelashes grow." And boy have those eyelashes grown!

Our daughter turned 6 weeks last Thursday. I honestly have no idea how time has flown so quickly, and or where the time has gone! But my 6 weeks of just being is up and it is time to get back to some sort of schedule. As much as I love and cherish cuddling with my baby girl, and watching those angelic eyelashes sprout, Ellie does need to learn how to nap in her bed, and not on my chest. She needs to have structured play time and tummy time, etc... And I can not forget about my most important role - I am a wife! There is a house to keep clean and running, meals to plan and make, bills to pay... and now that we are past the 6 week mark, its time for me to start trying to "get my body back." So, we are getting to used to yet another new life normal. One I am so incredibly thankful for.

Another, if smaller, reason I have avoided documenting this time in our life is the very reason I got into the blogging world in the first place - stupid infertility! The emotional trauma experienced from infertility just doesn't disappear once your child is in your arms. Plus, I can not get all the other women who are still waiting for their precious miracles out of my head. I want to be sensitive to their unmet longings and broken hearts. There is such an overwhelming joy that oozes out everywhere when you first become a mommy. That "joy-oozement" can feel like hot acid to a still-in-waiting-momma's heart. However, that being said - we did receive a miracle. We were given an incredible gift. We received our little Hallelujah Baby. Elliott Faith is a living and breathing testimony to God's love manifested in our lives. The combined meaning of her name is "The Lord is my God to trust." So I am going to trust that the Lord will give me the right words to document His miracle, and that the words will be bring hope and healing, instead of hurt, destruction, or discouragement.

There were actually several of us "formerly infertile bloggers" who got pregnant around the same time. Most of them have done a much better job "blog-umenting" their new life of parenthood.:) Regardless of our backgrounds, we all share similar emotions about life after infertility. So, some have gotten together and started a new community - PAIL - parenting after infertility or loss. IF you would like to join, or are ever in need of some encouragement that infertility does end for some people, you can go here.

Before I start writing down all the stories of our new life, here is a not so brief glimpse of what our life looks like now. Enjoy!:)