About Me

September 2013

I am a curly headed, pearl lovin', Christian wife, and now a MOMMY to Elliott Faith and Quinn Collins. I was a pediatric nurse for 10 years before deciding to stay home to raise our daughter. My husband and I are also involved in a College Ministry on the University of Tennessee's campus. I love anything creative, especially if it involves fabrics and photos! I mentally redesign and redecorate my home on a weekly basis. I love pinterest! However, my home, wardrobe, meals, and overall life show very little pinterest-esty influence. I am fine with that. I instragram photos of my girls way too much, according to some. But really, is that even possible? I am not ashamed to admit I get the majority of my news from Twitter. Who has time to watch/read main stream news!?! 140 characters - that I have time for. A good book can keep me entertained for hours. Blueberries (especially in muffins and pancakes) and grapes make the world a better place. Flip flops might just be greatest part of the warm weather. Daisies are the happiest flower, followed by sun flowers. Coffee is wonderful any time of year. I feel I should disclose that I am not a fan of the PSL (pumpkin spice latte). Hazelnut latte girl, for life!

I am leaving my original "About Me" post below, as it states all the reasons (and emotions) for why I started blogging in the first place. However,  life has changed a lot. We have swapped battling infertility for semi-sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and sweet-sweet baby cuddles.

Here is a quick break down of how it all happened.

Fall 2009: Bye bye birth control! Only had 2 cycles, 6 and 8 weeks apart, without ovulating. Then I quit cycling all together.

Winter 09-10: Did LOTS of research on conception, took every supplement known to man, and laid in bed with my hips in the air after every.frequent.baby-making attempt!

July 2010: Hormones were tested, and showed very little estrogen, progesterone, or even testosterone in my system. My FSH however, was through the roof! Began all natural hormone replacement therapy, and on day 28, my cycle returned!

Summer/Fall 2010: Cycles continued regularly with the help of progesterone supplements, however, I wasn't ovulating. Made an appointment in December with a highly recommended Reproductive Endocrinologist. Appointment set for February.

February 2011: Began seeing RE and staff (they are AMAZING!) on a nearly weekly basis - blood tests, ultrasounds, PCT, etc.. and started clomid.

May 22, 2011:

 January 12, 2012:

I have recently discovered all the wonder and beauty of the "Blog World." I used to scoff at people who had all manner of social media - evidently 'they' were unable to maintain IRL (in real life) friends, therefore substituted their lack of relationships with an on-line life. While I do firmly believe having real people as part of your physical life is a very necessary and vital component, I have been unbelievably blessed, encouraged, challenged, comforted, and inspired by many blog authors, whom I have never met. This is what usually happens in my life - I turn my nose up at something, and God says "Oh really young lady, let me just show you new perspective!" For instance I said would never take care of pediatric or cardiac patients, get married, move to eastern part of my state, or be involved in ministry. However in this past decade: I was a pediatric cardiac nurse for 6 years (still work in a primary pediatric setting) and loved it, got married, moved to the specific city where I said I would never live, and work in college ministry. All of those elements are some of the most precious components in my life. Just another way my Heavenly Father faithfully displays that He really does know what is best for my life!

I have been a voracious reader since I was about 6 years old discovered the Little House on the Prairiei series. As a child, I tinkered with writing my own short (yet wordy and overly descriptive) stories. Maybe, I even dreamed of being the next Louisa May Alcott, maybe not. Unfortunately, my love of the written word did not translate into a talent for using my own words - written or verbal. Press Secretaries, fictional and non-fictional, are some of my heros, simply based on their unbelievable and unwavering eloquence. I admire journalists for their ability to paint pictures within such limited columns. While my rambling writings are never going to get me anywhere in the public speaking or publishing arenas, I am considerably better "written" then "spoken", especially when it comes to anything involving emotions. Which brings me to the "why am I starting a blog" piece.

My husband and I began trying to start our family in the Fall of 2009.... Here we are at the beginning of 2011, still trying, and with very few answers. Oh, and surrounded by pregnancies and babies! Seriously, if you want to conceive, come stand by me - I think I could put some fertility specialists out of business. (Ok, I guess I forgot to mention I can, occasionally, be a bit on the melodramatic side.) I have been really surprised by how the general public does not know how to respond to infertility. And by how hard it can be discussing aspects of your infertility - it is very exposing and makes you feel so vulnerable. Compound this awkwardness with the onslaught of erratic emotions that accompany infertility , and any communication on the subject can be extremely difficult. I recently read a blog where the author shared how therapeutic it was to write about her infertility - if her friends wanted to know how things where going, they could chose to read what she felt comfortable sharing. So I am going to give it a try. I am not looking for pity or for attention. I am simply attempting to find my way, with Jesus, through this next phase of our journey in life. My prayer is that maybe some of my "written wondering/wanderings" will help bring peace, comfort, or encouragement to someone out there who is hurting, who needs to know the Love of our Heavenly Father, who needs to know they are not alone, regardless of whatever their hardship may be.