Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Learning to Let Go, and Breathe Easy

This post is NOT going to be well written or eloquent, just informative! It is bullet points from an email I just sent out to our friends and family.

Most of you probably received a text, tweet, facebook message, or some sort of communication regarding this yesterday. If you didn't - I apologize! My 1990's phone just has a hard time keeping up with these social medial savvy times... and I am suffering from severe pregnant brain.

So here are a few more details about some big changes coming our way:
- Yesterday, we went to the doctor for our 37 week check up. It was originally supposed to be today, but the office called me Monday to see if there was any way I could come in Tuesday instead. Unforeseen blessing in disguise.
- Ellie's heart rate sounded great, and she was moving all around during listening to her fetal heart tones - good accelerations with the contractions/braxton hicks I was having.
- When the midwife measured my abdomen, my uterine height was significantly lower then the last time they had measured. Way more then it should be, even with her head engaged in my pelvis.
- This has happened before, but has always rectified itself in the office once I repositioned myself, causing Ellie to move around - we have been told for weeks she is very long and skinny... like her daddy, much?
- So we went about the appointment not at all concerned.
- I was 3 cm dilated, 80%+ effaced, and Ellie's head was definitely engaged into my lower pelvis - labor and delivery were in our semi-near future - yay!
- The midwife did one final measurement of my abdomen, just to be safe, and got the exact same low measurement. So she decided to get an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid level.
- My fluid level, cord blood flow, and Ellie's movements looked great. Her bone measurements were normal, but her overall size had dropped significantly on the growth chart, so they looked at my placenta... and there was our issue.
- I essentially have the placenta of a post-due pregnant women - meaning it is worn out, and not providing Ellie the nutrients she needs. Essentially, she hasn't really grown/gained weight in the last 3-4 weeks.:(
- Ellie's bio-physical profile (a scale they use to look at the health of a baby inutero) was 8 out of 8 - as high as you can score, which is good.
- The concern is, when is the placenta going to give out and compromise the cord blood flow - her life line.

We went through several case scenarios, and ultimately everyone (including our OB) agreed, she was going to be safer outside me then inside me a this point. Our OB brought up a good point, that really helped ease my mind - our bodies are amazingly made! I didn't just go into, and been fighting preterm labor starting at 33 weeks for no reason - it very well could have been my body signaling that it needed/was going to need help supporting the baby. There are actually a lot of studies coming out stating not to stop labor if the woman is 34 weeks or beyond, for this very reason.

So we are being admitted, tomorrow (Jan 12) at 6 am for an induction. I have been having a lot more discomfort and cramping since my exam yesterday, so we are hoping I have made some more progress on my own. My midwife is very supportive about helping me go "natural" (i.e. without an epidural) for which I am very thankful for. However, I am going in very open minded, realizing the end goal is a safe and healthy delivery, not just a drug free one. I want what is best for Ellie. I have said all along my worst "fear" was having to be induced... well, that's what we are getting, and I am ok with it. This pregnancy (as I am sure all are) has been one gigantic lesson in "letting go." Not so fun or easy for this Type A, slightly hard core control freak.;-)

Jared and I are doing "fine." And if you are a fan of the Italian Job, like I am, you know that can stand for "Freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and excited." ha ha  I don't think either of us slept much at all last night... I like to describe us as "peacefully in shock.":) He is headed off to work to try and tie up as many loose ends as possible,and I am getting ready to do the same. Thankfully, due to my preterm labor, most of the necessary things are in place, and we really have a very minimal task list at home.

- We will probably be there until Saturday, borrowing no complications

Prayers are definitely appreciated, for peace and rest for Jared and I today and tonight, safe travels for our out of town family, whom are scurrying around frantically making travel arrangements, and most importantly, for the safety and protection for our little girl. Labor and delivery are the most traumatic events we experience as humans. Please pray that her health has not been compromised enough to this point that she will suffer any undo stress or taxation during her delivery.

Much love to you all!
Amy (probably for the last time, with an "Ellie in my Belly!")
She clothes herself with strength and makes her arms strong. Prov 31:16-17

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  1. Lots of prayers headed your way for a safe delivery tonorrow!!