Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's Your Birthday, Lolli!

Its been a long time since I last posted anything here! I have just been enjoying a summer of motherhood. I fully intended to start back up, but life took some crazy twists and turns. Today is my mom's birthday, and I hacked her blog to leave her a message from Ellie. I realized it summed up our life lately pretty well. So I am posting it here too... plus I think it shows just what an awesome mom I have!

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is enjoying this gorgeous fall. Maybe I will get back to blogging soon... I really have missed it!

Happy Birthday, Lolli!
Never underestimate my mommy’s ability to hack into any type of online account. I better remember that myself when I get older, uh? I mean... I  know I am basically perfect in your eyes, but mommy has been saying something about “attitude checks” and “that doesn’t make mommy and Jesus very happy” a lot lately. It is usually around the time I am screaming crying because she just doesn’t understand what I am trying to tell her via telepathy and my eyes. She thinks she is so smart because she uses those mouth noises to communicate (and I mean a lot of mouth noises) but I prefer the higher forms of silent communication. I think she thinks I am the one with “issues” but you and I both know the truth here... after all, you raised my mommy and know her quirks better than anyone.

For all my mommy’s crazy ( and often high and mighty) ideas about motherhood, I know eventually she is going to get this whole new role figured out... I mean, like today. She thought it would be a great “family memory making moment” by going to the pumpkin patch, followed by some tailgating at your alma mater. Here is exactly how I, at 9.5 months old, felt about that brilliant idea. 

But I like I said, I know she will get the hang of it eventually...I just hope it is before I become a mommy myself! I know this because you were her role model. I hear her talk about how blessed she was to have you as a mom all the time. Remember how I said she uses all those mouth noises for communication? Well, she does that whole talking thing a lot. Does she get that from you or Pop? Anyway she talks a lot about you, what you say/tell her, what she has learned (in good ways) from you. She shares a lot about something called “future tripping” that you are always cautioning her about. She also is very thankful for the gift of having parents (especially a mom) who was willing and able to ask for forgiveness. I guess that forgiveness thing is a big deal for you adults. Me, I prefer just some silly smiles and a snuggle. But whatevs... to each his own, as YOUR mom likes to say. Even though I don’t use my words much to communicate, I do listen. I hear what she says. I pick up on a lot more then she probably gives me credit for, and it sounds like you are pretty darn cool.

I am really excited that you all think I am going to call you, and my mom’s dad, Lolli and Pop. Yeah, that sounds pretty creative - you are my LolliPops! Won’t it be funny to see what decide to call you? Based on the way you always give me whatever I want, often before I even know I want it, I don’t think you are going to care too much what I call you. Once you hear my sweet angelic voice making a mouth noise that means you, I will have you right where I want you!

I know it makes you really sad that I live so far away. Speaking for “far away” would you please correct your daughter the next time she says the drive from Knoxville to Nashville isn’t bad at all? Clearly, its been too long since she last rode, strapped in a five point harness, in a car seat. Aren’t parents supposed to be smart? But back to living far away from each other... I have been doing some thinking and looking back over my life, and I discovered you and I really have experienced a lot of life together already. Seriously, some of my biggest life moments I experienced with you! So I thought I would just remind you of our precious moments together.

Remember this day? It was May 22, 2011, two days before mommy and daddy’s 4th anniversary. You were the first person, other then my parents, to know about me. Well, God knew... but He knew about me LONG before anyone else knew. Even while mommy was crying all those tears wondering if she would ever get to be a mommy. Again, I thought adults were supposed to be smart? For all your smarts, you just don’t give God nearly enough credit. Mom talked to you the most (other then daddy) about her pregnancy with me. It was kind of a dramatic pregnancy…. she blames that on me… I say,”Apples don’t fall too far from the tree, mom.” I sure am glad you convinced her to call the doctor that day she went into preterm labor. I was trying to tell her something was up, but again… mom and I are still working on our communication.

You were also the first person they told about me scheduled delivery. You, Pop, Uncle Christopher, and Aunt Gracie were the first people to come support mom and dad at the hospital when those doctors decided to force me out into the world.

You were the first of my family to see me, and you commented on my curly hair. Does this mean I have you to thank for that “jinxing thing” I hear grown ups talk about? Because, I am pretty much bald now, and people think I am a boy if I don’t have a bow on my head.

I know how much you wanted to hold me once I was here, but mommy and addy became kind of obsessed with me. And you waited, in silencepatiently, until I was a day old for my mommy to place me in your arms.

 I felt at home in your arms immediately.

Do you think I look like your first baby? Lots of people said I do.
But I kind of look my daddy too.

Regardless, I definitely have my mommy’s attitude. Where does she get that spunk? Both you and Pop seem so chill!

I know leaving me to go back to Nashville that first time was beyond torture for you, but for real – thanks for getting better since then. It made my mom cry too, and she is not a pretty crier!

You came back the next week, and we had a great time together, making lots of memories.

You took me out of my first mini road trips: to visit great-grandma and great-“aunt” Tammy.

I took my first bottle from you… see that’s why I don’t take one anymore. It was our special moment. The moment passed. Why does mom keep trying to recreate our moment?

Our matching outfits were pretty fetch! (Fetch is a phrase from one of mommy’s favorite movies and it makes Daddy roll his eyes whenever its on. Something about mean girls or something… they say Fetch. Its sounds cool. Remember to tell mommy I really do pick up on more then she realizes.) I mean, me and mommy still don’t have matching outfits.

 I knew you couldn’t stay gone too long. Soon you and Aunt Gracie came to spend a few days, and then you took me and mommy on our first road trip together back to where my mom grew up.

We came back to Nashville a few weeks later for Uncle Christopher’s Senior day game. My tummy really hurt but you could get me to calm down. You can always calm me down.

Oh, this is funny. Remember how much you (and dad’s mom) hated my straight jacket. Ok, so my mommy does some crazy things with me, but I will give her credit here – I loved my woombie! I am glad you eventually became a believer.

I wasn’t there for you and Pop’s anniversary, but don’t worry, I was dragged into yet another photo shoot to help celebrate the day. Thanks Pinterest for feeding my mom with even more ideas then her somewhat odd brain already comes up with.

And who can forget when you, mom, and I crossed several states on our epic road trip to Springfield, MO for Uncle Christopher and Aunt Gracie’s National Basketball Tournament? People said mom was crazy for trying it, but I will give it that girl… it was a lot of fun! I got so spoiled held by so many people! It was also during this trip that I really started to smile on command, and even giggle a little. You captured lots of these moments with your camera. Dad really missed me!

We weren’t together on Easter Sunday, but we did travel up to Kingsport to visit with family that weekend. Pop added to my Easter Basket with Dr. Suess’ Hop of Pop.

And you bought me my pretty Easter dress. 

Then life got kind of crazy, and I had to spend a lot more time in my car seat then I would have liked. So what if I sleep most of the road trip? It’s the only way to forget the misery also known as a carseat.

We came back for Uncle Daniel’s Hooding ceremony. That was really long and really hot!

Nanny and PopPop had a big anniversary celebration, and it wore me out. A girl can only be admired so much.

You and mommy got to celebrate her first Mother’s Day together. She says I am her favorite present ever, but that iPhone Dad got her is definitely giving me a run for my money.

Daddy left me and mommy back with you for a few days afterwards, and I got sick for the first time. But you said I was the sweetest (if not the snottiest) sick baby ever.

Then Uncle Christopher graduated, so it was yet another occasion for me to get dressed up and forced to be quiet… but admired by many.

Road Trip! You planned an awesome trip to the beach with some of my favorite ladies – mommy, Aunt Gracie, Aunt, Jenny, and you! 

Dad was kind of sad he missed my first toes in the sand experience, but mom said it was fine, I wouldn’t remember. That’s what she thinks.

Since it was Daddy’s first Father’s Day, we stayed home to celebrate with him. But isn’t it funny how much changes in a year?

I know we didn’t get to see each other as much as we would have liked to after this, but we had a few fun quick trips….

… and since mommy has that new iPhone, she sends lots of pictures (she takes way more!)

Then this thing came into our life called the Olympics. Mom made a big deal about it. The synchronized swimming was cool, but other then that I was unimpressed. However, I did enjoy getting to watch the opening ceremonies with you.

Silly mommy thinks these historic-to-her moments should be important to my life too. Is this another thing I can “thank” Pinterest for?

 Mommy and Daddy took me to the beach with my other grandparents and aunts.

 I kept looking for you, but you never showed up.

Don’t worry though, I still had a good time, and remained stylish, sweet and sassy.

We announced some big news to our family while we were there – I was going to be a Big Sister! 

Everyone was really happy, and kept reassuring me I wouldn’t be forgotten, but my world was getting ready to be rocked. I wasn’t worried… Like anyone could take my place? I feel like I am really getting the hang of this life thing, and that I have knowledge to pass down to younger generations.

After the beach, we started going to the doctor a lot and watching a big tv at the doctor’s office, but it wasn’t Baby Einstein, so I wasn’t interested at all. Mommy was really sick and just laid around on the couch a bunch, worried she was being a bad mommy, and stressed about me not crawling. You assured her I was going to be just fine. I mean, I could have told her that.

Because you and Pop are so awesome, you drove up to Knoxville for just a few hours, to keep me after Dad’s grandmother passed away. Thanks for rescuing me from that funeral. People just weren’t fawning over me enough for my taste. I mean, could they not see how cute I was looking?
And why do people get so sad when people die. Mawmaw is with Jesus, so shouldn’t we be celebrating?

Finally, mom and dad took me back to see you! It was about time! Not only did I get to see you, but I got to meet a lot of your extended family and friends. Being that admired wears a girl out! You are the only person I ever fall asleep on! It kind of irks mommy a little bit that I don’t snuggle/sleep on her more often, but what can I say? Who wouldn’t choose a pro over a novice any day?

Then one day, we had to go back to look at that boring TV screen at the doctor’s office, and afterwards mommy and daddy got really sad. We spent many days together, just the three of us. It was kind of weird, cause we are never home that much, but it was really nice too. I got tons of holdings, hugs, and kisses! Mommy and Daddy kept telling me what a gift I was and how blessed they were to have me. Glad they finally figured that out! Mommy says my Big Sister status is on hold for now, that my baby sibling had to go home to be with Jesus. I think its pretty cool that I have a sibling in Heaven, so I don’t understand why mommy still cries at the most random times. Doesn’t she realize how awesome Heaven is? I mean, its where Jesus and the Angles are. It was about this time she started singing this song to me about being, “my sunshine… you make me happy when skies are gray.”
Speaking of babies and angles, Mommy says that you have four babies in Heaven with Jesus. She says it gives her comfort that our baby had 4 aunts/uncles, a Mawmaw, and a Grandpa waiting for his/hers arrival into Heaven.

Dad and I were so glad you came to be with us after the baby went to Heaven. Mommy just wasn’t herself, but we knew you would know just what to do, not  do, say or not say. You took perfect care of us, just like you have been taking perfect care of mommy all her life.  I heard mommy say it was nice knowing that you knew exactly what she was going through without her having to spell it out for you. That just you being here was very comforting and healing. She also told me, she will get through this in time, partly because she watched you do it before when she was a little girl.

You and I had a lot of fun, and since you spoiled me rotten, I, in return gave you lots of sweet cuddles and snuggles.
That pretty much takes us up to the present. Since you don’t get to see me every day of my sweet, precious life, here are some glimpses into my life, struggling to get by without you.
Mom is sending me very mixed sports messages – apparently Dad and Pop like different sports teams. And supposedly, I am about to have to start wearing a lot of purple for Pop and Uncle Christopher, which is great for me – I love purple. But how sad that Pop and Uncle Christopher have to wear such girlie colors. What’s up with that?
I also wear lots of overalls in honor of Pop. Mommy knows how much he likes them.
Finally, here is the reason keeping me from seeing you every weekend. Mommy and Daddy do something called college ministry. Not exactly sure what all that means, other then I stay up way later then my friends, get loved on by a bunch of cool big kids, and I hear a lot of people trying to make sense of Jesus. Again, I thought adults and big kids were supposed to be smart. Its pretty fun though, but I wish we got to see you more.

Here is the present Mommy and Daddy gave you for your birthday last year, in honor of yours truly. 
Just wait until you see what you are getting this year – its way cooler. Mommy even cried a little talking to Pop about it the other night. And she said Pop choked up too, which I think means cry… I didn’t think boys cried? But Daddy cried the last time we watched the TV screen at the doctor’s office, and now Mommy says Pop cries… Mommy promises she will always and only ever tell me the truth, so it must be true. I guess maybe I do have a few more things to learn about life after all….

Well, at least I know I have you, Lolli, to help me figure this life thing out. You raised my mommy, and well, she is kind of my favorite person right now, so you know just how to do things the way I like.

I love you, Lolli!
Elliott Faith ~ your most favoritest person in the whole wide world! (And don't you forget it!)


  1. What a fun post! I'm sure your Mom loved it. :)

    Also, I am so sorry to hear about your m/c - I must not have been around Twitter when that happened b/c I totally missed that news. :(

    1. Hey Josey! She hasn't seen it yet - I just got off the phone with her!:) As you know, we announced the pregnancy on social media, but we hadn't yet announced the miscarriage - there just isn't a good way to go about it, you know? Our closest friends and family knew, but other then that we have just been getting the word our slowly. I officially miscarried one week ago today.:( Its been rough, but we are getting there. I can NOT imagine having to go through a miscarriage withOUT already having a baby. Ellie has been sooo helpful/healing during this time. I have a blog post in my head about the experience... we will see if I ever actually get it typed!:)

  2. Beautiful Post Amy! I love you all!

    1. Thanks Jess! Sad we didn't get to see you this weekend. Hopefully SOON! Love you!

  3. This is a sweet post! I know your mom will love it! It's also a great catch up post to see how y'all have been doing. I am sorry about the miscarriage, friend. I can't imagine how that feels. :(

    1. Thanks Amie! I hope to be better about blogging - I really miss it! Its been a rough bit, but we are doing ok... just taking it a day at a time.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You are in prayer.

    1. Your prayers are appreciated! We are really doing ok - its hard, but we are at peace with the outcome. Hoping to write more about it soonish.

  5. What a great post....she will love reading it someday. You are right, it's much easier to go through a miscarriage having a child. I did and it was much easier. I can't imagine your other four!! In the end, having a sweet child is worth all the hardship to getting her here, huh?

    1. Donna, I have no idea how I could have gotten through this without our daughter!?! I have a whole new special place in my heart for women without kids who miscarry.

  6. I will sweet daughter blew me out of the water with this...I will treasure this forever...just as I do her:) She is an amazing lady and I am so proud of her...the woman she is...the momma she is as well. Amo...there are no words that would be adequate. xoxoxo