Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Days of Our Life

I have been horrendous about blogging lately! The mini home remodel and cable/internet outage "threw of my groove" big time! The house is finally getting all put back together, and the internet and cable are somewhat better. Life is getting back to normal. My husband is currently yelling at the UT vs Arkansas basketball game... ah, all is right with the world!

Speaking of life, I thought I would give you a little glimpse into days of our life. Its not exactly thrilling, but  it certainly isn't boring. Its our life, and while I might like to add a thing or two (baby/babies!), there really isn't anything I want to subtract. Its a little crazy busy at times, and I do long for more "home time", but I know that will come with time, and I don't want to wish away the present. We have been very blessed indeed, and I hope I never loose sight of that. Most days, I feel like I am slacking in  my housewifely duties, but with working full time and being involved in a college ministry... housewife duties often have to wait until the weekend. I'd like to work out more too....

Mondays are not kind to me... and I am not entirely sure why. I will have a headache, it is guaranteed. It is also usually a long work day for the both of us. I always say I going to grocery shop during the weekend, but that rarely never happens, so by Monday, we have very little food, and I am off to the grocery store, with a raging headache. This situation sets me up perfectly to buy a quite a few things we were not out of, and forget several things we needed. One day, I will be better at this task... and get back to my couponing... oh, and meal planning.... one day. I also always seem to forget to pay bills over the weekend, and realize Monday is the last night I will have to do it before we are delinquent - fan-freaking-tabulous.
The past few weeks, we have had girls intramural basketball on Monday nights (Jared "coaches" our girls team). Games are often followed by a trip to a FroYo joint on the strip, where Jared sits sulking about how his manhood is rapidly diminishing with ever passing second! We are doing good if we are home by 10:30, and in bed by 11pm. Raging headache has accompanied faithfully all the while.

I split my time between two offices on Tuesday, which provides good variety. Hubs and I talk on the phone on our way home (his commute is usually 1-2 hours - ugh). Once I hit the door home, its a quick dinner at home, or on campus with some college girls, followed by Girls Bible Study. We are studying Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild - I highly recommend it! I try to be home by 9:30ish, so hubs and I can actually see each other before crashing for the night. He has usually worked out, and I am tired after my long day, we usually go to bed on the earlier side on Tuesdays. After we watch NCIS!

Hump days are great... usually. We have tried to keep our Wednesday our "home night" so we could have at least one night at home, just the two of us, to chill, watch TV, etc... Last semester  nights, we helped lead a life group discussion on Wednesday, and we had some intramural sporting events this semester, so our Wednesday nights have not been as relaxing, but we are back to them being free... for now.

Again, I am at two different offices. Its usually my latest day of the week. Once we get home from work, we grab a quick meal, either at home or at one of favorite restaurants - Salsaritas. Then, it is off to Bible Study on campus. Some Thursdays though, we decide to either just spend time together, or with family, if we have been on campus a lot already that week.

Thank goodness, we have reached the end of the week, and the weekend (aka sleep) is around the corner! I usually get off work a little early, which is super nice. Friday night/evenings  we go to dinner with Jared's family, watch movies, hang out with family, and often times, have college student or two hanging out with us. We usually end up falling asleep on our massive bean bag, in front of the tv. Its glorious!

I am too embarrassed to say how late we stay in bed - its almost sinful for people our age. Let me just say that I get up, on average, two hours before my husband. Weekend mornings are chill out time for us. We have gone gone gone all week, and we need to recharge. I enjoy several cups of coffee with a good book, some tv shows (until Jared wakes up and its time for Sports Center and College Game day), internet catch up, etc... Saturday afternoons are for chores - house cleaning from top to bottom, laundry, filling, etc... Saturday nights, we usually eat dinner at Jared's parents house, followed by a movie, or more college kids at the house... until the wee hours of Sunday morn.

During the "School Year" we don't go to a church service in the morning. Our college service is at night (what college kid wakes up before 11 on any day they don't have class!?!). During the summer months, and Christmas break, our mornings are spent at the one and only church my husband has ever attended - lots of history there! Side note, the lady who hosted my wedding shower at our church, hosted my mother-in-law's baby shower when was pregnant with Jared! Pretty cool, uh? But when classes are in session we get to sleep in, spend time together, and finish up any other responsible adult activities needed before the start of another week. Sunday evening, we eat dinner with the college kids prior to the church service. The events are usually over by 8:30, followed by some more fellowshipping/hanging out... we peace out and head home around 9-9:30.

After writing that, I don't feel so bad about feeling so tired most nights!:)

So there you have it folks - our life in a nutshell!

I often say I would love just two more hours in the day - it would make working out consistently, and maintaining my long distance friendships so much easier!! I constantly feel guilty that I am not doing enough to maintain all  my incredible friendships with many back in my home town. Oh yeah, and all my siblings, and extended family. Coming from a large family, and wide circle of friends, is such an incredible gift, but maintaining relationships with all those people.... well, there never seems to be enough time.

For upcoming posts, I am thinking
1. "things heard, seen and done in a pediatric office"
2.  something involving what NOT to do during your child's visit to their pediatrician
3.  Meet the family (mine and Jared's)

Until next time....

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  1. This was actually incredibly interesting! It's so amazing how different all of our daily lives can be. You are a busy girl!