Friday, July 1, 2011

Pscyho Preggo

After all my posts about our longing for a baby, and our struggle to get to this point, I do not want to complain about all any of the unpleasant aspects of pregnancy. When people ask me how I feel, I say " 24/7 I am nauseous, exhausted, but so very thankful." And that really is how I feel! However, there have been a few down right hilarious stories... now that I am on the other side of them.:) Its been a rough past 10 days... ok, really 2ish months, but who is counting? Here are my two "favorite" Psycho Preggo moments.

Sunday Night:
It was not a good weekend. I felt awful! Everything I ate, didn't eat, did or didn't do seemed to make me worse. I was worthless all weekend, even though my poor little brother was visiting us. Jared was a champ - he took care of entertaining our guest, and even did his best to clean the house and do laundry Sunday evening! I definitely have a keeper.

As Sunday wore on, I was getting worse and worse. Finally, we decided just to head off to bed to see if I could "sleep it off." Ha! 2 seconds after getting into bed, I knew I was in trouble in the nausea department. "Do NOT move a muscle" I told Jared, "Or I am vom all over the bed." I am pretty sure he just thought I was being dramatic (I have no idea why he would assume such things about me!?!). We talked for a few minutes - for once he was doing the talking and I was doing the listening. At the same exact second Jared leaned over to give me a kiss goodnight, I knew I had lost the fight not to vomit. I threw up, with his face mere inches from mine, but managed to keep it in my mouth, and flew out of bed, whacking his nose with my forehead.

I made it to the bathroom door, and lost the contents of my mouth, and stomach, all over the clean sink. Next it was onto the toilet... for quite a while. I should also mention, Jared had just cleaned the bathroom that day. Washing my face that night had been out of the question. When my hurling episode finally decided to be over, my contact-less eyes could not figure out what all the black stuff was all over the toilet seat... it was mascara, from my unwashed, but now tear streaked face (I always cry, unemotionally, when I puke.) After this last realization, I finally started to cry in earnest - I had just puked all over the clean bathroom, I was an unclean mess, a worthless wife since I hadn't done an ounce of housework all weekend, but left it up to my husband... etc... You get the picture - pregnant girl, who just looks pudgy, not preggers, sitting on the bathroom floor, mascara cascading down her face, surrounded by a vomit covered toilet, sink, and vanity. This was the scene that greeted my husband when he finally thought it was safe to come check on me (I hate having people check on me when I am sick, especially throwing up! I have been known to lock the bathroom door! ha ha)

I am happy to say, we recovered (and cleaned up) nicely. Although, Jared isn't snuggling as much in bed, and definitely asks me how I am feeling about 5 times before I get my goodnight kiss.:) Can you blame the poor guy?

Tuesday Night:
I came home from work even more exhausted then usual, and unable to eat anything. So we called it a night at 9:45 pm. This never happens in the Ross household. I slept like a baby until 1:50am. I rolled over and felt amazing - completely normal! Ah, sweet relief. I made myself go ahead and get up to pee, as I knew my bladder would be waking me up between 3-4am - might as well get up since I was awake. Of course, as soon as I got out of bed, I was immediately hungry... followed by overwhelmingly nauseous.

I have been eating Honey Nut Cheerios like they are my job - its one of the only things I confidently know is not going to make me worse. I usually keep a box next to my bed, but of course this night, I had forgotten. And as luck would have it, the only thing I knew would satisfy this nauseous craving for food was Domino's Pizza!!!!! I tried to convince myself the frozen pizza downstairs would do the job, but my stomach lurched at the thought... only Domino's would do. I got Jared's smart phone and started trying to find a Domino's in our area that was till open and would deliver. I realized how ridiculous this was, and I stopped myself. I did not need this food, right this second... it was simply a psycho preggo craving. And since I chose not to satisfy said craving - I was awake until after 4 am, and had to get up at 6am. Needless to say, Wednesday was a long day. In fact, I am still recovering.:)

So there you have it - welcome to what Pregnant Life is like at the Ross pad. I am sure Jared, and some of our college ministry students could definitely add their own stories about me!:)

Say a prayer for my sweet husband... he might actually have it worse off then I do... well, maybe only when he gets off work and has to deal with his worthless-always sleeping-don't bring any type of food anywhere near me-why should I go grocery shopping when I am not eating-laundry might just walk down stairs and clean itself if I let it lay there long enough-wife.:) During the day, he gets to feel normal/good while he works.

Little precious fetus, you are kicking mommy's tail, but you are oh so very worth it, and this is the easiest you are probably ever going to be for me!:)


  1. LOL... you sound pretty similar to me. For the most part my nausea is much better now at 15w, but last night I was feeling cruddy and my hubby brought me dinner while I was laying on the couch. I ate 3 little squares of pizza, layed there for about 2 minutes, and then said, "i think..." as I RAN for the guest bathroom. Vomiting sucks, I don't care who ya are!

  2. This takes the names "Huff and Puff" to a whole new level haha

  3. I couldn't tell you were having an awful weekend. You hid it well.