Friday, October 7, 2011

23 weeks!

Pregnancy Facts and Figures:

Size of baby: Elliott Faith is the size of a mango, is ~12" long, weighing in at just over a pound.

Total Weight Gain: ~9 lbs. My heart still speeds up a little every Monday morning when I step on the scale... then I remember I am "weighing for two.":)

Clothes: Still a combo of regular and maternity. I am wearing maternity more and more. The Fit and Flare jeans are rapidly becoming a favorite article of clothing.

Gender: It's a girl! Elliott Faith Ross. We will probably start out calling her either Ellie or Elle

Movement: This week Ellie has decided Mommy should not, at any time, have more then 1/4 cup of urine in her bladder. She will kick, kick, KICK directly on my bladder... until I empty said bladder, and she immediately quiets down. Her kicks are becoming quite a bit stronger, and down right painful at times! She kicked so hard in church this week, I about jumped out of the pew! She also has started getting hiccups! My belly jumps like crazy when this happens. Tried to record it for my mom last night, but of course, as soon as I started, her hiccups went away.

Sleep: Ugh... I sleep like a log until 4-6 am, then I start tossing and turning, and can not get comfortable. I keep adding more and more pillows! :)  I am haivng some crazy early morning dreams! They wake me up around 5-6 o'clock, which leaves me just dozing until my alarm rudely makes me get up.

Cravings: Pretty quiet on the cravings front

Symptoms: Reflux and exhaustion. Pain from PT is better this week, but still there.

Highlight: Meeting my new medical OB-GYN physician and midwife team! As stressful as it was having to switch again for the third time this pregnancy, I am so thankful we did. God definitely lead us to the perfect practice for us!

Lowlight: not enough time in the day to get as much sleep, house cleaning, errand running, exercising, socializing, college ministry working, oh yeah... and I need to get accomplished! Also, I have been sick the last two days. Being sick is no fun... being pregnant has its no-fun parts... being sick and pregnant adds a whole new dimension to both experiences. It is down right rough!

Fun Fact: We "took" Ellie to her first UT football game, and the VOLs won! Sitting in the bleacher for 4+ hours is definitely different pregnant, but wasn't too bad over all. Ellie loves music. Anytime she is aware of beat, she immediately starts going crazy inside me. However, she didn't move at all during any of the many renditions of Rock Top. She did however, greatly enjoy the Disney themed half-time show. I say its because she is like her mama, and just doesn't "get" the big deal about all things orange and/or Rocky Top. Her daddy says she just respects "the Rocky Top" so much she stills to listen intently. We shall see how is right...

Daddy waiting to feel a celebratory kick... that never came.

First time in Neyland Stadium

Belly Collage (taken today)

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  1. OOooh - I haven't gotten to experience the hiccups yet, though I hear ya on the kicking directly on the bladder!

    You have AWESOME hair girlie! Love the photo collage. :)