Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting used to our new normal

We are 18 days into our life as a family of four, and overall the transition has been pretty seamless. Having a c-section definitely buys you a lot more help in the immediate post partum phase. Our family and friends have been an unbelievable help! This week will be our first week without an extra set of hands, so all heck could be about to break loose. :)

However, I am very ready to start getting back into a routine again.

Quinn Collins is doing great and is such an easy baby, much like Ellie Faith. My friends are "hating me", with love, for lucking out with two easy going tiny babies.

I need to write her birth story soon... When I find the time.;)

Ellie Faith is handling her transition into big sister-hood very well. We have had a few emotional break downs but nothing out of the ordinary for female toddlerhood.

Note to all you mommies out there - should you have a csection do not show you toddler your incision in an attempt to help her understand why you can't pick her up. It might result in her wanting to constantly "see-see mommy boo boo" to give it "muah muahs" (kisses). And thats just awkward. We are practicing blowing kisses to and waving bye bye to the boo boo. Oh, and that reaching to pull up mommy's shirt and yank down her waist band to show visitors the boo boo isn't acceptable.

She is clearly the daughter of a nurse - she loves to take care of everything around her!

Thankfully Ellie Faith hasn't attempted/begged to tandem nurse... Yet. Although she has helped herself to excess breast milk.

Overall, c-section recovery is no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I never needed to take narcotics during recovery. If I didn't have a natural birth to compare it to, I would say it was a breeze. However, I literally thought the spinal after affects would be the death of me. 

This weekend we finally put up the gallery wall I have working on since Ellie's birth. It looks way better in person for some reason. I love it!

We also had our first professional family photos taken this weekend. Thankfully, Quinn was a rockstar, and Ellie tolerated it... With lots of breaks, a few chocolate chips, and some Doc Mcstuffins on the iPad. Can't wait to see the proofs!!

Since this pregnancy and delivery exposed, to a new level, my issues with control and expectations, I am trying to ease back into real life and routines. I am giving myself 6 weeks to:
- enjoy having a new born who could be cuddled endlessly. 

- to break some rules and protocols to help Ellie Faith adjust to her new role of big sister.

- and to give my body the time it takes to recover from growing a human... which ended in surgery.

... However, laundry, dishes, and some food prep and clean up  still must happen if I want our house to not qualify for the next episode of Hoarders (that show creeps me out so much I can not watch!) 

So until next time...

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  1. Phew - I think you're doing great juggling this whole new world of parenting two!