Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Retreat 2011

We recently embarked on our 4th fall retreat with the Christian Student Fellowship. Actually, Jared and I have both been on several more of these retreats - me as a child when alum family members were speakers, and Jared as a student himself. This was our 4th retreat together, as husband and wife. It was also probably my last for a wee bit... not sure how well a less then one year old would, or her mommy, would handle the primitive set up.:)

The setting is gorgeous, if extremely primitive. No cell or internet service. Hot water is a little hit or miss. Water from the faucet takes a few minutes to run the brown out. Spiders in the showers are to be expected. And you should always take a look in the toilet seat prior to sitting down.:)

The coldest night of year always seems to hit while we are there, which is perfect for bonfires and hot cocoa or cider at night.

I was a wee bit nervous about how pregnancy and the retreat would get along together. There is usually very little sleep, very late nights, early mornings,  crazy eating times and habits, and lumpy mattresses. I wasn't able to play as much, or as hard, as in previous years, but I felt great, for the most part. I hit a wall the last night, near midnight around the campfire - and it was off to bed for me! Both nights I fell asleep with all the lights on and the girls laughing, talking, and goofing off... and slept like a baby! Sunday found me sore and exhausted, but the four hour nap the hubs and I immediately took upon returning home, pretty much took care of the exhaustion. I don't think Jared got more then 4-6 hours of sleep either night, and played hard outside all day and night... couldn't let those college students show him up.

Here is a recap in pictures!

There were icebreakers Friday Night

Devotionals, worship, and fellowship


The annual "Hit the golfball into/over the lake" event

An afternoon of Ultimate Frisbee and Football



And all around good ol' gaming and hanging out

It was a great time with some great students and friends!

Not sure I will be there next year, but this was definitely one of my favorite retreats so far!

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