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I used to have a community that I thought would always surround me. That my children would just be an extension of. It was not to be... at least, not for now.

I loved that community. When it was gone, I was threatened with thoughts and feelings that community wasn't worth it, as nothing is forever. So what's the point.

Community and vulnerability go hand in hand in my mind. Me and vulnerability are often times not the best of friends. Vulnerability is a challenge for me, and I don't do it well. I like to be perfect. Therefore, I often have a hard time finding my place in community.

How funny that when I was the most afraid of being vulnerable and living in community, God stuck me and my husband smack in the middle of college ministry.

Who are some of the most unreliable groups of people - college kids.

Who teach you more then you ever imagined you could be taught about community - college kids.

 And guess what - the kids you grow to love like your own.... they graduate on average every 4 years. Our community is ever changing.

We are approaching May and graduation time. We are getting ready to say good-byes to some dear students and send them out to find their new communities as young adult professionals. I hate this time in so many ways, yet I am so proud of these kids. Oh who we will miss them! We will welcome a new group of students in the fall. This exhausts and excites me.

Now that I am a mom, God has graciously brought another new community into our lives in the form of a small group, with many young moms. We moms meet every Friday for brunch with our babies for community and fellowship. It is such a sweet time of encouragement!

I have communities. They are diverse. My places in each are different, yet the same. I am to me in whatever community Jesus puts me in.

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