Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Celebrations

How much can change in a year! I know I refer back to a previous posts a lot, but for me it always really important to look back to see where I have come, or regressed. It shows me the hand-work of God in our lives, spurs me on,  and challenges me to grow/change.

I had so much fun getting ready for Ellie Faith's first Easter Celebration. Let's be honest, any type of celebration with her at this point is purely for her dad and I... she could care less. In fact, she would probably appreciate a few less photo ops in her life. But still, I like starting traditions, and there is  never a better time to start them then when you are starting your family.

Since Ellie Faith is too young to participate in any Easter activities, I just decided to start experimenting with things we can do in the future, and we mainly filled her Easter basket with things she can enjoy as she gets older.

I knew we were going to be busy the days leading up to Easter, so I decided to start the picture taking on Thursday. Her cute outfit was a gift from my mom and sister. Its still a bit big on her, but at least that means she should get a few more wears out of it.

Ellie quickly let me know, picture time was over!

I attempted to make Resurrection Rolls on Good Friday, for a "Mommy Brunch" Ellie and I go to every Friday. Luckily, taste has no direct correlation to appearance - they looked somewhat disastrous! But tasted really good! I recommend using the "grand" sized crescent rolls, really pinching the dough seams together, and baking no higher then 300 degrees. As it was, I almost had to just throw away the baking sheet I had baked the rolls on, the marshmallow-goo was that bad. Not bringing the rolls to the brunch definitely crossed my mind, they looked so bad, but I swallowed my pride and took them anyway.  GO Me!:)

My brother Daniel came up to stay with us Friday night, and got a few quick snuggles in with Ellie before going to bed.

yes ladies, he is single!:)

Saturday we  headed to the Tri-Cities to visit with my Dad's side of the family... and of course got some more pictures taken.:) 

Elliott Ladies 

 Four Elliott Generations. Isn't my Grandma Elliott gorgeous?!

Lolli and Pop with Ellie, who is clearly over having her picture taken. 

Even mom and dad didn't make it better 

It took the touch of a Great-Grandmother :)

Sunday morning was beautiful - crisp, cool, and clear. Not a cloud in the sky! I love beautiful Easter mornings... seems like the earth is still celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

Thanks to the tripod Jared got me for Christmas, we were able to get some family photos before heading to church.

Then it was time to show Ellie Faith her Easter basket - she was clearly thrilled!

Evidently, I want my daughter to share my love of Books and Bows ;-)

Since my Dad is going to be "Pop" to Ellie, he and my mom got Ellie Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop, and my dad even wrote Ellie a sweet little note.

I Love ALL Dr. Seuss books, so I have decided Ellie will probably get one at just about any gift giving holiday. What better "Easter Dr. Seuss" then  Green Eggs and Ham?

From the day she was born, Ellie has been the snortiest baby every. She definitely came out of the womb with her Daddy's allergies. For the first 6 weeks of her life she did the most hysterical "snort routine" as she would fall asleep. It was hilarious! Because of this, her Daddy calls her his "Little Snort." So of course we had to get her the board book version of Are You My Mother.

As wonderfully fun as putting together her Easter basket was, I was also a little overwhelmed at the upcoming task of instilling in Ellie the true meaning of Easter. How do you teach a child the depth of our Heavenly Father's love, that He sent His only Son to die for our sins? I know He will show us how to convey His love to Ellie as she grows, but man! What a huge task! We are not going to do it well all the time, so we are going to start teaching Ellie these concepts young. To help us do this, we got her Jesus Calling for Kids. It may say "for kids" but this version is great for all ages!

Years ago, when Jared and I first started working with the college ministry, we met a young girl, Christie, through a life discussion group we did a few fraternities and sororities on campus. We no longer have the discussion group, but thanks to FaceBook, we still keep in touch with several of the students, including Christie!  She ended up joining us, along with several of her friends, for the Easter service at our church! It was such a treat having them!

Ellie woke up from her morning nap (way too early) during the worship service. Evidently, she loved the worship service so much she decided to stay awake the whole time, and continue her "singing" during the prayer time... so she and I made hasty exit as the sermon began. I hear the sermon was wonderful - on not letting fear control our lives.

We decided to forego the Easter lunch with Jared's family this year, in order to be able to take part in Natalie Pluskota's senior day tennis match. Nat is another girl we met several years ago through events via the campus ministry, and although she was never technically one of "our" students, we have kept in touch with her and her family as well. She is an amazing female and incredible athlete. Seriously, remember her name - she is going to be huge on the pro-circuit! And if Jared has his way, she will be Ellie's personal tennis coach. ;-) Ellie was a trooper - taking two naps while there, and being nursed in the front seat of our car. Gotta do what you gotta do.:)

Evidently no one thought it was necessary to tell me I appeared to have a rooster's tail on the top of my head

Ellie and Daddy decked in their UT finest

We went straight from the tennis match to the CSF for our evening Easter service, pizza party, egg hunt, and annual "egg games."

By this point Ellie had taken all her naps on the go, all but one of her feedings had taken place in various public places, and she was on her third outfit change. Both of us were starting to wear out  a bit. We were not able to be in the worship service or sermon, as she needed to eat, but we were able to sit right outside the door and were able to listen in.

After the sermon, we all headed outside for the Easter games and festivities. Sometime after 8 pm, I looked at Jared and informed him one of his girls was about to have exhaustion induced emotional breakdown, I wasn't sure which one it would be, but either way it would probably be in everyone's best interest for the breakdown to take place at home. By this point we had been gone for nearly 12 hours, up for 14+ hours, and the majority of those hours had been spent outside in the sun. A wonderful, but exhausting day.

I am pretty sure all three of us were sound asleep in bed by 9:15 pm, and that never happens around here!

We had a wonderful first Easter celebration as a family. Looking forward to what future celebrations hold in the future.

He is risen... He is risen indeed!


  1. I love all your photo collages. Can I ask, what photo editing program/website do you use?

    1. Aw, thank you! I take WAY too many pictures (if that is possible) and can never choose just a few to display so collages are the way to go for me. I just use the free, downloadable Picasa! Thanks for stopping by!