Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Cackles

This kid is getting so much personality... and size. She needs to slow down her growing up asap! She is basically the most fun thing ever.

Look Mom, it's us! ;-)

Evidence that she is becoming a girl, and no longer a baby:

  1. Yesterday at Kohls, she cried because I wouldn't let eat the clothes on the rack, or pull them into the cart. Oh, and she was only interested in the clothes in her size department... it was like she knew which clothes were options to purchase!
  2. She is obsessed with the Old Navy mannequins! Whimpering and excessive waving every time we walked away from them, and when we left!

Since she was tiny, Ellie has been getting her fingers and hand stuck in my hair (if you have seen my hair you realize this is not hard to do!) She thinks its hilarious! Last night, we caught it on film. Of course, by the time we started filming she had gotten her hands out, but luckily mommy shaking her out of control bun in her face still produced the most precious sound ever.

Don't believe me? Listen for yourself. If this doesn't make you at least giggle, you have no heart. ;-)

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