Friday, November 2, 2012

iPhone Blog?

Lets see how this works ... I have blogged from phone ... We shall see how it goes.

Currently, I am sitting in my parents van in at Trevecca waiting for Ellie to wake up. We have run this little girl ragged in the last 36 hours! We *may* have not put her to bed until 130am last night. Once she wakes up, we will head out to the girls soccer game.

Fantabulous ... Mom left her phone in the car and dad just called her to see where she is ... So now I am nursing Ellie in the van. Gosh, I hope these windows are tinted... It's dark and I have low lit interior lights on. Hopefully, the entire campus isn't getting a peep show if the AD's daughter's ta-ta's.:-/

I thought I could post a few pictures or a video or two from the trip so far but I guess not. Boo!

Well, Ellie is attempting to help me type this post, so if its full of misspellings they are her fault;)... Better run!

We are having a great time back in my home town!! Sometimes a change of scenery does wonders for a girl!

Have a great weekend!

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