Friday, September 23, 2011

21 weeks!

I was really planning on doing weekly pregnancy updates. Obviously that hasn't happened. But no time like the present to start!

Here are Elliott Faith and I entering our 21 week relationship!

Pregnancy Highlights:

Size of baby: Ellie is the length of a carrot, and weights ~14 oz

Total Weight Gain: ~8 lbs

Clothes: This is one of the first times I have worn a maternity shirt. So far I have made do with my regular pants, thanks to the great rubber band trick and the a belly band. My regular shirt options are definitely dwindling rapidly! I have a newly received package of Old Navy Maternity clothes I can't wait to try on! Oh, and jeggings and cardigans are a pregnant girl's best friend!

Gender: It's a girl! Elliott Faith Ross. We will probably start out calling her either Ellie or Elle

Movement: I think she might be a gymnast like her momma

Sleep: It has taken a long time getting used to sleeping on my sides (I was a belly sleeper previously) but thanks to my body pillow on one side, and using my husband as a body pillow on the other side:), I am sleeping really well. Unless, Ellie decides to have a circus party in my uterus... her movements can keep me up, marveling at the little miracle growing inside me.

Cravings: I don't really have fun cravings, just food aversions. I can not get enough fruit!!! My midwives make fun of me for the amount of fruit I consume in a day. ha ha 

Symptoms: I have had lots of pelvic pain and pressure from 3 weeks on. Most of it, we think, is mainly round ligament pain, but I am also having a lot of pain from my previously broken tail bone, as well as in my hips. I am going back to physical therapy tomorrow to try to work on some of this. The nausea is much better. I haven't thrown up since the trip to the beach. I still get hit with waves of nausea, but I can handle that. Changing positions makes me really dizzy, even just turning my head!:) And I am exhausted. I haven't experienced that wonderful 2nd trimester energy everyone told me about. I was "hoping" I was anemic, but as luck would have it, my iron has been great. No easy fix there. ha ha

Here is a preview of her bedding:

We aren't using all these fabrics, and there are a few not shown here. The collection is by Ty Pennington. I love it! I found this collection the first time I started looking for nursery ideas, and I haven't found anything to even make me think about going another direction. I have some swatches on the way to me, and I am working with two different vendors on custom bedding estimates. I can't wait until we get it, and can start on her nursery!:)

In closing, here are some pictures of the future mommy and daddy of Ellie Faith:)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric!! Excellent choice! I can't wait to see it all together!

  2. You are SO darn cute!! I love the fabric too!

    I've been getting pelvic pain, but on the sides of my low back instead of the front mid (I guess both are common). No fun!

  3. Love that fabric! I had no idea he had a line.

    I hope your pain goes away soon. No fun.

    LOL at that last picture!! When is he due?!