Friday, September 30, 2011

22 weeks!

For starters, the few nights I actually put on "real" clothes, after coming home from work, were few and far between. And rushed. No time made for pictures. My "lounge around home" clothes, really don't exactly make me look pregnant, just pudgy and out of shape.:) However, I did snap these two crappy quality pictures for some family and friends who live out of town who wanted to see "how I was looking" these days. Excuse the complete mess behind me... working on that now!

Pregnancy Facts and Figures:

Size of baby: Elliott Faith is the size of spaghetti squash, and weighs about a pound.

Total Weight Gain: ~8 lbs . My scale at home says I lost weight, the scale at my new doctor's office (more on that later... probably) says I gained a little. So I am calling this week a wash weight wise:)

Clothes: Still wearing my regular pants, with a rubber band and/or bella band, and a few regular shirts. Jeans are definitely getting tighter in the hips. I found some unbelievably comfortable fit and flares at Motherhood Maternity this weekeend (WOO HOO) which will be great, once I get them hemmed. My Old Navy Maternity purchases   all fit, even the skinny jeans!:) I am pretty much set now for fall/winter. Hoodies and yoga/athletic pants will probably be my go-to clothes around the house. And fortunately, I wear scrubs at work. If I out grow scrubs, we all have need for concern!:) I did wear my first "full on maternity" outfit the other night. I swam in the shirt, and pants kept falling down, but it felt so good to be able to move and breathe freely!

Gender: It's a girl! Elliott Faith Ross. We will probably start out calling her either Ellie or Elle

Movement: In addition to being a gymnast, I am thinking soccer might be another sport she in which could excel! There has definitely been a marked increase in kicks and jabs this week! Some have been down right painful

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well (sleep really is my #1, if only, talent!) PT left me pretty sore this week, so that has taken some getting used to. But nothing too bad.

Cravings: Nachos and grapes. Go figure!

Symptoms: My pain is different this week - more of  a healing pain, like I discussed earlier. Hopefully, the continued PT will help work some of that out. And I am sure being more regular with my work outs would help too. Don't judge.

Highlight: Getting to feel the little girl a lot more this week! And the "prescribed" nightly glute/hip massage by hubs my PT wrote for me!:)

Lowlight: in home PT exercises are taking up a lot of time - way more then I thought they would. Mainly because most are done on my back, and I am still really paranoid, and after every 10-15 reps, I roll over to my left side for a minute just to make sure I am not stressing the little girl out too much.

Fun Fact: We can actually hear Ellie's heart beat with my stethoscope, faintly! We can definitely hear her moving around - so fun!

Until 23 weeks...
hopefully I will better with the picture taking. This journey is flying by so quickly, I don't want to miss a minute, even photographically speaking!


  1. Definitely make it a priority to take pics - there were so many weeks where I felt sick or tired and completely didn't want to take a photo, but looking back (from the wise old pregnancy age of 28w) I'm so glad I did. Even if you're in your PJs - continue to snap a photo!! :)

    I just got some skinny jeans from old navy in a long, and they are STILL too short. GRRRR! Glad your purchases fit at least!

  2. The baby bump looks to cute! It will be fun to watch your progress....

  3. I love the bump! You really do look fantastic and I'm so happy to hear things are going well.

    It must be so fun to hear little Elliott's heartbeat whenever you want!