Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All is well - Promise!:)

Hello dear friends and faithful readers!

All is well in my little world, I promise. I just can't seem to get into the blogging swing now that I am pregnant. I am finally feeling better, as in I am not throwing up anymore (fingers crossed!), but I am still exhausted. I am journaling in my Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy Journal, and even though the entries are short, its about all I am managing to write these days.

I have a few drafts waiting to be published that I thought were woefully incomplete, but after just reading over them, they really only need some editing, and they are ready for your reading enjoyment. They were written during the lowest moments of preggo-illness... things are looking up, I promise. My lowest moment came around 15.5 weeks, when I was getting more sick by the day, instead of getting better. I was in bed, getting ready to go to sleep for the night, and I looked at Jared, with tears filling my eyes."Babe, I do not want to complain, because I am so incredibly thankful for this baby, and my heart aches for all those I know who are dying for be able to experience the misery of pregnancy illness, but I really don't know how I can do this for another 6 months!?!?!?" Luckily, my husband had faith it really was going to  get better, and tried to help me focus on the future. And of course, he was right. I haven't thrown up since our trip to the beach. I won't tell that story just yet. Trust me, it deserves its own chapter in this history book.

So here is a brief life recap! The end of the summer found me still sleeping most evenings, or at least curled up on the couch. I have started trying to get a few work outs in a week. But as a pediatric nurse, I am on my feet all day, chasing kids (and their parents) around the office, so I am dead on my feet by the time I get home.

We made a trip back home for my (then) future-sister-in-law's wedding shower. I am about 15 weeks pregnant here.
Baby sis (yes, she is wearing heels, but so am I), mom, Nanny, me and Jenny (SIL)

Past, Present, and Future Elliott Women

Then we were off to the beach with my husband's family. A week of nothing but relaxing=just what the doctor ordered! More on this trip later, I promise! Here is a sneak peek! (16 weeks preggers)

Then it was back to K-town to help welcome back all our college students! In all honesty, I was pretty apprehensive about getting all involved in the ministry again this fall. I could not imagine my life without it, but I also was having a hard time envisioning my involvement with my current lack of energy or motivation. However, its been wonderful - of course!:) Intramurals are in full swing. Love these "kids!"

Then it was back middle TN for my brother Matthew's wedding.  Lots of amazing pictures to come. Here is a preview!:)
 Elliott Siblings. We took this same picture at my wedding rehearsal

 The Ross Family (two days shy of 19 weeks)

 The ever expanding Elliott Family

The only picture we managed to take on the wedding day

We were supposed to have our anatomy scan ultrasound, with the gender determination, along with our midwife appointment today. However, I got a call a few hours prior to the appointment stating they needed to reschedule! This appointment has been so anticipated by all our friends and family for 6 weeks now, and they call mere hours before the appointment requesting a reschedule!?!?! I might have gotten a tad emotional on the phone. Long story short, I finally convinced them that my husband and I had rescheduled our work schedules to allow this appointment, he was traveling back in from out of town and was leaving to go back out of town right after the appointment. And oh yeah - I am a first time mom, after a battle with infertility, who was used to seeing a doctor twice a week. I had to have some confirmation this baby was ok, after not seeing or hearing it for 6 weeks! I got the midwife appointment, but had to reschedule the ultrasound for Thursday. We did get to hear the world's most preciously amazing sound ever - our baby's heart beat!! All was right with the world at that moment!:) As disappointed as we are that we didn't get to see the baby, and know what pronouns to use when referring to our baby, we realize how much we have to be thankful for. We are pregnant, our baby is safe and growing, and I am having a healthy pregnancy! We can wait a few days without an ultrasound.

Until next time... hopefully it will only be a few days, instead of weeks! 


  1. Your husband is so incredibly tall!! (or are you just incredibly short? *grin*)

    Glad to hear you're feeling better. I felt the same way around week 13... just SO frickin' miserable and So tired of puking. I told my husband that I just couldn't do this again - no way in heck, not if it was going to be like this. It's hard to feel so cruddy all day, every day.

    Bummer about the gender appt, but I'm glad you got to hear the heartbeat at least. Thanks for checking in!!

  2. Ha ha! Josey, he is very tall and I am very short! He is 6'5"+ and I claim 5'3":). As you can see in pictures, everyone in my family is tall, except me and my mom. I am very interested to see what size our baby ends up - I may birth a 24 inch infant!:)

  3. LOL, got it. My sis is 5'6" and her hubby is 6'6" and they look similar to you guys. :)