Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Christian Student Fellowship

My husband and I met through the Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) on UT's campus. My mom was an alumnus, and Jared (my husband) was a participant, several decades apart.:) We met an Alumni Reunion. It took us 5 years to realize that we had something other then just a casual long distance friendship. Once we realized that God had something other than "Just Friends" planned for us, things moved really fast. From the beginning our relationship, the CSF has been a central aspect. Once we began dating, we also started spending a lot more time at the campus house, hanging out with the students and staff. Over time, we became pretty permanent fixtures - at the house for the majority of student events, bible studies, meals, socials, parties, etc... We have developed some amazing relationships along the way. The former senior minister of the CSF, performed our wedding ceremony. My husband's best friend, is the Outreach Minister, and was his Best Man, and led worship at our wedding. And then there are the students... a wide variety of personalities, backgrounds, interests, abilities, etc... We sometimes laugh at the Heinz 57 grouping we seem to have acquired. But I wouldn't change the "collection"  for anything.

Last week, we had two female students dropped by our house as soon as they returned from their Christmas Vacation. They arrived before Jared got home from work. When my husband walked through the door I greeted him with "Honey, the kids are 'home'!" The girls promptly followed in unison with "Hi Dad!" Ha ha I wish I had a picture of the look on Jared's face.:)  Here is a glimpse of our life with "our kids."

Our wedding shower hosted by the CSF

The Dardens, Senior Ministry Couple

Volley Ball with summer students

Two of our favorite friends finally got married!
Outreach Ministry Couple, the Reeds

Fall Retreat Kitchen Duty

Some of my favorite memories with the students - campfire sharing and worshipping

What would college ministry be without football tailgating?

Valentines Day

Some of our precious girls, when they were "little freshmen"

The next few are some of my favorites:
Jared coached our girls Flag Football Team to their "winningest" season EVA!
Aren't they precious!?!
Team Prayer

They make my heart smile

3 spoons frozen yogurt, and great college students... life doesn't get much better

Fall Retreat 2010 - one of the best to date!

End of the Year Festivities and Parties

As much as I long to have a baby, I wouldn't trade where we are in life for anything. If postponing my mommy days is God's plan for us, so we can invest more time with these students, then I can be ok with that. These students have become some of our favorite people... they are friends... they feel like "our kids"... they teach us so much... they love us so well.... they add so much to our life.

We love you, CSF Students (and staff)! You are such a blessing to us each and every day!

Keep watch over yourself and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which He bought with His own blood. Acts 20:28

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