Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Lately... in pictures! Part 2

College ministry antics might have been winding down by April, but certainly were not over!

Below are pictures of what happens when we "listen" to all the voices/influences in our life: 
truths+partial truths+lies=utter confusion!

Oh what do I do. Where do I go?

I just don't know!?!?

Liz ready for battle!

luckily, we were all still friends afterwards:)

more ping pong

Boys vs Girls

Then it was back to middle TN for the wedding of a childhood friend!
Brother Matthew, and his fiance Jenny

Mary Grace and Daniel

Me and the bride

The men in my life

For sisters, we really don't look alike do we?:) For the record, she is 13 yrs younger then me,  but 6" taller :-/

Mom with her daughters, and future DIL

The Family - hubs forgot to take of the shades.

Back in home, it was time to close out the semester and enjoy some spring activities.
Jared and I were invited to sit at his companies table at a social event.

FroYo with friends - doesn't get much better!

As much as we love the college ministry, hubs and I decided to take some time to get away, by ourselves, to my favorite place - the Biltmore!

Such a fun day!

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