Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Lately... in pictures!

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Well, here is a glimpse into our life this spring semester (and it might require a few posts.)

As always, there were the trips to Nashville to visit my family, which of course always revolved somewhat around basketball.
Baby Sis ballin' it up court

#12 in honor of one of her older brother's

"Babiest" bro... who is now finishing his junior year of high school! ;-/

Dude in the yellow, in the background, would be the coach - our dad!

Our wonderful NCC Warrior "Family"

Family and friends supporting, cheering, and watching

World's Greatest Coach, and Dad!

I love getting to watch my siblings compete in basketball - makes big sister so proud! My dad is pretty darn entertaining to watch coach - brings out a totally different side of him! I should do a blog just on the many faces of Coach Elliott coaching!:)

We also had lots of basketball back home too - Jared "coached" our girls intramural basketball team!:) He does such a good job coaching the ladies, but I think he realized football was more his calling. We had several forfeits, so Jared and some of our guys ended up playing too.
First warm-up before the first game - lots of nerves!

Coach trying to figure out how to manage all that estrogen!

Getting in on the game himself

Way to post up, Whit!

The girls did great, but didn't win the championship. However, some of our girls were Intramural 4 on 4 Football champs!

My brother Daniel made his way up to visit us! So nice to get to visit family without having to leave our home for once! (And yes, I realize this is the price I pay for moving away from every.single.one. of my family members.) We had a great time playing cards with friends, playing outside, and "breaking" into an abandoned psych facility - for real!
He ALWAYS has to show off his card trick!

Pick a card, any card...

Austin Neal, can we get a Re-DEAL!?!?

Laurie and Whit- our "daughters"

Daniel and Jared tried to throw the football through the church steeple... not disrespectful at all:) 

First signs of spring!

Then things got crazy...

because bars on abandoned psych facility windows mean,"Come inside and walk our halls!"

...an invitation my brother simply couldn't resist!

Hm... what is this they left behind?

yes, he is crazy, but we still love him!

I love that they have become the best of friends! Such a blessing!

I finally got some girl reinforcement!
Friend Jessica, SIL Brenna, and Me

To show some appreciation for all the food she has consumed at our house (girl can eat unlike anything you have ever seen!) and to prove she is not completely helpless in the kitchen, Laurie made us a dinner of blueberry pancakes!
She was just a little proud of herself!:)

Then it was off to our spring retreat in the Smokey Mountains!
Playing ping pong

playing cards

Lots of Eating

which required lots of food prep

awesome worship services

and yes, we were exhausted by this point!:)

Aren't they precious!:)

learning to work together as a team towards a common goal

what would a college retreat be without pranks?

And of course, the traditional ultimate frisbee!

We have a great life!

More to come.....

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