Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Lately.... in pictures. Part 3, the finale!

Easter was an emotional weekend for several reasons, as I wrote about here. All that aside, we had a wonderful time celebrating our Risen Savior, with our friends and family.
My in-law's yard could be featured in Southern Living!

Oh the fertility med PUDGE was in full swing this weekend - ugh!

Me and my SIL

yes, Jared and his uncle took the Easter baskets for the egg hunt, while the kids used bags:)

Its a competitive event in this household!

And even though they are in college, the students still love an good ol' egg hunt themselves

Egg Relay!

Kissing Spoons:)

Egg toss

Then... the inevitable egg fight!

Covered head to toe!

battle wounds from the egg fight!

Cleaning up the mess

Knoxville got hit by the horrible storms that ravaged the south east, primarily in the form of hail. We were very fortunate that our home received very little damage, my car was in the garage, and Jared's company vehicle was under a tree - so very little damage. We did snap some pictures, in between the storms.

Then... it was time to go back to Nashville, but this time with one of our college girls, who was running in the Country Music Half Marathon!
Whitney ran with her mom! Cutest duo in the race

So much fun!

They did GREAT! So proud of you, Whit!

Even though basketball season is over, it wouldn't be time spent in the Elliott household without some driveway basketball!

yes, that is my baby brother DUNKING the ball!

And what do you get with you play pranks on college kids (like cracking eggs all over them) and go out of town... Well, below you can see what we endure!:)

Hope you enjoyed a walk through our life, picture style!:)

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