Monday, May 23, 2011

You know you are trying to conceive when...

I saw this here, and thought it was so darn funny and brilliantly written, I had to share. (colored text are my own additions.)

  1. Everyone but you thinks the April Fool’s pregnancy prank is funny. For the record – it isn’t…it really, really isn’t.  At this point, pretty sure if/when we get to experience a positive test, people (including my  husband) will still think its a prank, April Fools or not! HA
  2. You can’t walk into a bathroom without instinctively reaching for a stick to pee on. Or  you carry a variety of "pee sticks" in every bag, purse, or have them stashed in hidden places at your place of employment.
  3. You have a minimum of 5 individuals excluding your husband who are actively trying to get you knocked up.  Its mortifying the number of people who know my cycle schedule!
  4. You have fantasized round-house kicking a minimum of one hundred and thirty-seven women (and counting) whose unsolicited fertility advice began with the words “You just need to…”  Better watch out - I have a mean roudhouse kick, thanks to Turbo!
  5. You occasionally forget that not everyone is interested in hearing about your uterus. For real??
  6. Women have strategically positioned themselves between you and their toddler in line at Wal-Mart. Or the parents of all your patients under the age of 3 :) 
  7. You have online friends you’ve never met who know you and understand you better than people you’ve known for most of your life. (I thank God for all of you and pray for each of you.)  Such a blessing, and sooooo incredibly true!
  8. You clean out the very top shelf of the bathroom cabinet and throw away no less than five (okay maybe more like seven) empty ept and ovulation kit boxes.  I actually keep up with this regularly - so the show of failure is less obvious. :-/
  9. You’ve had some of the best conversations with your husband and/or your twitter buddies while holding your legs in the air for 30 minutes.  This is NOT me - I get great reading time in... If this time happens at night, the hubs is asleep 3.5 seconds later... conversations rarely happen in bed - we both pass out the minute our head hits the pillow, usually. Plus I am pretty sure I am the last person on the planet without a smart phone - no twitter convos for this chick.
  10. You would do anything short of committing murder- wait I take that back – you would commit murder in order to protect your baby names from being used by anyone you know. Oh the dreaded name theft... our first two boy names have already been "taken"... luckily, I like unique names, so I am not too worried... but I still get apprehensive every time I wait to hear the name choice.

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  1. SO true! Thanks for sharing - this totally made me smile this morning. :)