Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blessedly Showered

We were incredibly blessed to have been given five showers to celebrate Ellie Faith's upcoming life. Two were surprise showers by my four offices, but I don't have any pictures of those. The first work shower, was the first of my baby showers. Two of the NP's at work were also expecting around the same time, so the first shower was for the three of us. It was very sweet, and we had absolutely no idea it was in the works. The second surprise work shower, my 4th shower, took place right after I came off bedrest, and, luckily, just days before we were induced (you will see a trend in this post about things that happen around the time of my showers).

My second shower, my first planned one, was hosted by our college ministry, the Christian Student Fellowship (CSF). It was so much fun - some of our now alumni students joined, as well as some of their parents, and the female portions of Jared and my families. I was 27 weeks pregnant... you will begin to see a trend with me and showers from this point forward - every time I had a shower, we had a warning sign something just wasn't quite right with this pregnancy!

The Spread was incredible!

Brenna, my sister-in-law, and Marianina, my "adopted" fellow italian, curly-headed, fast talking twin
Both are CSF Alumni from our earliest days at the CSF

My sister-in-laws, Brenna and Sara

 Diapering Contest Contestants

My mom and "Aunt Tammy" both CSF alumni

Some of our current students and my sister, Mary Grace

Every baby needs a Snug-a-bunny!

My Crew:)

My Hostesses 

The future-grandmothers

My mom and Sister

Marianina and I with our moms - no we are not blood relatives!:)

My next shower was hosted by two my family's dear family friends, back home in Franklin, Tn. It was such a wonderful weekend of visiting and celebrating with friends and family. Not only did we have my shower, but I also begged effectively enough (with the help of my mom and sister-in-law) to get the entire family to go to the Opryland Hotel to look at the Christmas lights! If you knew the male portion of my family, you would appreciate what an incredible feat this is!

on our way down to Franklin, we made a quick stop to visit with one of my former co-workers - La!

Wreath full of baby goodies

My sweet Hostesses

My cousin Leah and sister Mary Grace

Reading Scripture blessings for me, Ellie, and my mom

Bottle Chugging Contest

My friend, Sarah

with my mom and my nanny

The sweet Henry ladies

Elliott and Hooper ladies

Elliott and Shunk Ladies

 With my sweet cousin, Leah

It was so wonderful getting to visit with everyone. I loved that not only were Ellie and I celebrated, but my mom and sister were celebrated for their new upcoming roles as Grandma and Aunt.

I had still been dealing with feeling faint, but hadn't passed out in a while. I was really worried how my body would handle all the activity of the day, but I felt great after the shower, so it was off to the Opryland Hotel! I will save those details and pictures for a later Holiday Post. 

Jared and I came back home to Knoxville on Sunday, and I felt great as I was going to bed - just appropriately tired. I woke up at 2 am in preterm labor, and was put on bed rest the next day. Ugh! More on that another day...

Fast forward to January... I hit the 35 week mark and was released to go back to work with desk duty only, and modified hours. I was still feeling rough! Side note:  it wasn't until the pregnancy was over that I realized  just how rough I was feeling! That, and I saw pictures of myself from Dec/Jan... yikes

Our Knoxville friends had been wanting to host a shower as well, but my bed rest through a wrench in those plans. Finally, we picked January 8, 2012! It was a combined effort with our church family and our bible group.

I almost didn't post pictures from this shower, at least of myself... however, let's just document how much pregnancy and I did not get along. Its good for my pride. And folks, lets be honest - pregnancy just ain't pretty on everyone!:)

My mom and my "aunt" Tammy

With my hostesses, Danielle and Angela

What would Knoxville shower be without UT gear?

Lots of UT gear

With two of Jared's aunts

My precious Bible Study Girls

So blessed by these ladies!

The Ross Gals

The future grandmothers

My mom and little sister

Two Franklin, TN girls transplanted into the orange land of Knoxville

It was a very sweet time of fellowship and celebration. I came away, yet again, overwhelmingly thankful for the wonderful people and support system the Lord has placed in our lives and around us.

Remember how I mentioned showers and my pregnancy didn't get along? Two days after this shower we were told Ellie had quit growing and needed to come out ASAP!

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