Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Minute Fridays

This is my first time linking up with The Gypsy Mama!

The word is LOUD:

Loud does not even begin to describe the gym we found ourselves in last night. And loud does not come close to describing the wails that came from my tiny, precious girl, as we entered the beyond LOUD gym. But I am pretty sure only her mommy could hear her wails over the cheering crowd's roar.

For the first time in her short life, her momma had allowed her to come off her strictly scheduled life, and my daughter was NOT a fan!

It was past her bed time. Her feedings had happened at haphazard times through out the day.

I walked around the top rim of screaming gym, pushing her in the stroller, willing her to go to sleep, to no avail.

Finally, I found a "quieter" corner in a stairwell landing. I put my head next to hers, face to face in her stroller.

Balancing on one leg, I pushed her stroller back and forth with one of my feet, slowly and rhythmically. We sang her "sleep songs": Jesus Loves Me, 'Tis So Sweet, I Want to Know Christ, Seek Ye First.

The wails subsided and the eyes drooped. However, every time the crowd's cries surged, my baby would startle, out would come the most pitiful lip, and her eyes would just scream to me, "Mommy, help me!"

Finally, mommy picked her up, zipped her up in her wombie, and walked back into the LOUD gym, with my baby girl snuggle up against my chest.

Soon the cries of my baby settled into sweet calm breathing patterns, and away she slept. The loud gym couldn't disrupt the peace and comfort we both found in each other's shared warmth. Her soft murmurings music to my ears, even in that loud gym

Motherhood allows you to hear those precious little noises, that no one else hears, above all the world's hustle and bustle.

Its my favorite kind of loud.

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