Monday, March 19, 2012

Senior Day

We recently traveled back to Nashville to celebrate with my baby brother, Christopher, and his basketball team, for their Senior Day Game. It was a great weekend of celebrating teamwork, friendships, and last but certainly not least - winning!

There was a presentation of the players and their parents, along with picture boards and biographical write ups. Christopher's words were so sweet - naming our two brothers as his best friends, and thanking sisters, myself and Mary Grace, for our love and support over the years.

Ellie was dressed and ready for the big day, but unfortunately was having tummy issues, and wasn't her usual calm, laid back self. The tummy issues resulted in a massive blowout up to her neck on our way back to my parent's house that night.

Our "Aunt Tammy" came in for the game  /  Christopher and our parents

I cannot believe Christopher is completing his senior year of high school!!!!!!!!! I was 11 years old when he was born. I was actually in the delivery room with my parents and watched the delivery. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and probably what started me on the path to my nursing career.

He was pretty much my very own live baby doll. I toted him everywhere. I called him "My little ray of sunshine." He was such a chubby and snuggly little guy. He called me "Maimie" at first. And eventually it became, "Mommy, I mean, Amy.":)

When I was 12 years old everyone thought I was 24 years old, and when I was 24 years old, everyone thought I was 12 years old... go figure. Because of this, everyone thought Christopher was my son, which resulted in some awkward moments and situations.

He has always been my little buddy. When I moved out of the house, he was the sibling that called me the most to ask if I would come home for dinner, or just a visit.

When I was being induced with Ellie, he was so attentive. He was very intrigued by the monitors, pumps, and wires. He watched everything, and me, very intently. As soon as Ellie was born, he was a natural and a pro... like he had always been an uncle. To clarify, he was not in the delivery when Ellie was born!

Not only have I watched this incredible young man grow up before my eyes, but also on the basketball court. Here he is at his first middle school basketball game. I definitely cried when he ran out on the court for warm ups and when he went into the game for the first time.... and I was a nervous wreck!

soooo tiny!

He has made lots of friends over the years through this team, and it has been a so much fun watching them all grow up together... into towering men!

I would love to say I taught him all he knows about the game, and that he got his skills from me, but that is definitely not the case! However, when I saw these pictures below, I realized I did in fact pass on some skills... a flare for the dramatics!:) 

He has worked so hard over the last few years on disproving the theory "white men can't jump."

He now proudly holds the title of the "only Elliott Man to Dunk in a Game." It never gets old watching this feat! Unfortunately, none of my video files will upload for you to view!

This kid hardly looks my "baby brother" anymore....

More like my "Man Brother.":)

Kind of crazy how similar he and my dad look, uh?!?

He recently took another very "adult like" step into the next phase of his life. He signed with Trevecca University's Basketball Program. My older brother, Matthew, also played at Trevecca, and is now in his second year as a Graduate Assistant, while he works on his MBA degree. And yes, my dad is the Athletic Director at the university, as well. But before you start crying "nepotism," Dad was named AD after my brothers started their careers/signed with TNU. :) I can't wait to watch another brother put on a TNU jersey and take to the court... although, I am not ready for what this does to a big sister's nerves!

Christopher's team has experienced a season of extreme's this year - lots of highs and lows, awesome buzzer beating wins, and heart breaking losses.

Winners of the HCA Tournament

Buzzer beater to win Regionals

Close win on Senior Day

However, they played hard enough to earn a 1 seed bracket position in their National Basketball Tournament. That's right - who said homes schoolers don't know how to have fun? ;-) We have our own National tournament. Altogether over 1,000 HomeSchool teams with more than 10,000 student athletes from over 35 states will participate in the NCHC tournaments during the 2010-2011 season. Pretty cool, uh?

Good Luck to all the NCC Warrior Basketball teams as they head out to National's next week. Play like Warriors

" ... discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness;

for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness
is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for
the present life and also for the life to come."
1 Timothy 4:7a-8

As for you, Christopher Moriah Elliott, my little "Ria-Beaners, Beans, Reeso, and Fer-Fer"

I love you oh so much, and could not be more proud of the young man in Christ you are becoming! Run with perseverance the race marked out before you. Heb 12:1

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