Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Very Own little Valentine

I mean, really. Who could possibly decline this precious little Valentine??

It would have been really cute and sweet to send out little Valentine's to Ellie's friends and family, but I am still working on sending out the final birth announcements and thank-you cards, so I was not about to spend anymore time, or money on postage, sending out additional pieces of mail. Instead, we took this picture,  and sent it via text and to our loved ones. We got a great response!

We had a very quiet and sweet first Valentine's Day as a family. Our friends, Shaun and Crystal, who were graduate Students when Jared and I first started working with the CSF, brought over a dinner of mexican rice and bean burritos. The meal was soooo delicious! Basically, if you do the cooking for me, and it doesn't involve broccoli, seafood, or celery, I will think it tastes good!

In honor of the holiday of love, I set our table kinda fancy smancy - you know, table cloth, burgundy napkins and placemats, multiple sized forks, plates, and glasses.... and candle-less silver candlestick holders, because someone didn't realize we had burned all our table candles down to nubs. For my contribution to the meal I purchased some white and red sparkling grape juice - we party hard up in here - and tried my hand at chocolate covered strawberries. If you discount the fact that afterwards I was somehow covered head to toe in chocolate and dew drop sized burns from my ghetto rigged double boiler, they were a success! At least, my husband was very impressed. Not sure what that says about my here to now display of culinary art or skill....

It was a lovely evening catching up with friends, and lots of "Ellie admiring." For some reason, I didn't take a single picture of the even. UGH!

The day before I was induced, I ran to the store on my way home from work to pick up a few toiletries, and realized the Valentine's Day cards were already out on display. Having no idea what our life would be looking like leading up to Valentine's day with a baby, I went ahead and picked out cards for Jared, from myself and Ellie, and hid them away. Amazingly, I remembered where I placed them! Jared surprised both Ellie and I with cards of our own, a dvd for me - so sweet!

Mine and Jared's cards to each other

Ellie and Jared's cards to each other... melt my hear!

I decided to get crafty for his gift this year, and made something that I think will enjoy as a family for years to come. Shout out to Pinterest for this gem of a find! Sarah, at Life Sweet Life, was kind enough share this project of her for free - Thanks, Sarah!

The "I Love You Because" print is a free printable I downloaded and framed. Then you get a dry erase marker, and write whatever message you would like!

The frame is set right next to where Jared places his wallet, phone, and keys, so he can easily see it as he comes home and leaves for work. I try and update this at least every other day.

You can find you very own printable here!

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