Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10: "Two" tired.

I remember with Ellie Faith one of the most overwhelming times in her infancy for us was the 3-7 week phase.

You are over the adrenaline high that can follow childbirth (didn't get it after Quinn). The initial, magical newness of parenthood is wearing off. Visitors bearing meals and the near constant family help is ending. And most importantly,  the lack of sleep is finally starting to bulldoze you over.

The same is true this time. I am exhausted. I may not look or sound too tired if you should see me, but trust me, the constant thought in the back of my head is "when is my next chance to get some sleep?"

I know more regular sleep is probably right around the corner (we started sleep training Quinn this week), so I am not really stressed about it. Just tired. More than anything, it just requires serious expectation and plan reduction.

Yes, I miss my friends, our college kids, our small group, etc... However, a little isolation is best for our tiny infant as we head into "sick season." And we all know the saying,"if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." I can go short periods of time with very little sleep, but more than a week or so, and it definitely starts affecting my mood.

There is also that little saying "sleep when your baby sleeps." Notice it says baby, not babies. That's because when you go from child to children you have at least one child awake nearly the entire time you are awake. And I only have two kids! My hats off to moms with more. I want to nap for you!:)

If I am being completely honest, I actually have really good sleepers. Way better than average. I've said it before, but I truly believe its a combination of the blessing of good personalities in our kids and some hard work put into sleep training, using the Moms on Call method.

Right now, I get about an hour alone with Quinn while she is awake, followed by 30 minutes of alone time while she sleeps, before I get Ellie up. And in the interest of full disclosure, Ellie will happily play in bed with her "friends" for an hour. Currently, I do have them both napping for about 1.5-2 hrs at the same time, in the afternoon. I could nap then, but I seriously, how can one tiny infant make soooo much of a mess of the house!

I swear before Quinn arrived the house got messy daily, yes, but it was manageable. But since her arrival - OMG y'all! Somedays I seriously think I am going to physically drown in laundry and dishes. Keep in mind, the child has yet to use a dish of any kind, and her clothes are just now of the newborn size, up from preemies. Diapers should be the only true waste and mess she generates, right? Somehow the arrival of the tiniest (and most precious) of humans has generated an ridonculous amount of mess and disorganization in our home.

 I get 2-3 hours total a day without the girls awake. Sure sounds like a lot doesn't it? It does to me at least. However, I swear something happens to time when babies sleep - it passes at warp speed. In motherhood, you just need a good 2-4 more hours in a day, plain and simple.

This isn't a complaining type post. I really hope it doesn't come across as that. Because, I am not complaining, just being honest. Since I am writing under the "Family Life" link of The Nester's 31 Days of Writing Challenge, I  know there are a lot of other tired moms out there. I feel you. My eyes physically hurt and struggle to stay open with you. Up at 3:30 am? Yep, I am probably too. I understand. And in case this is your first go at this sleepless motherhood thing, it does end... eventually. Well, actually you just trade one type of exhaustion for a new type of tired, and so on and so forth.:)

But its worth it!

Because without it, your heart wouldn't burst upon seeing your daughters snuggle up together like this.

PS: Yes, I realize the obvious - taking part in a 31 day writing challenge within my first month as a "New to Two Mom" probably wasn't the brightest idea, and is taking up some possible nap and rest time. But these days are tend to be so blurry in later memory, I don't regret having these days and thoughts written down. 

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