Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18: Friday Check-In

Just a quick check-in - we have had a fun past 36 hours! My mom, the girl's Lolli, came in town for a quick visit!

With five kids, one of which is still at home being home-schooled, another that is a college basketball player, and husband who is an athletic director for a university, she stays really really busy.

I am so thankful that she is always willing to make even the briefest of trips in order to visit her oldest daughter and only son in law her two grandbabies.:)

Every time my mom comes in town, I make grand plans, with her encouragement, to tackle all those big and small tasks the the tiny humans hinder... and yet, I rarely get even one of them done! And its all my mom's fault.

I am one of the few daughters who is truly blessed enough to actually mean it when I say my mom is my best girlfriend (husband gets the best friend title). So when she is in town, even if she is playing with or holding my girls, I want to spend time and visit with her.

The last few years have been a fun change in our relationship. As the oldest child, and probably the most naturally independent of us kids, the other siblings naturally, and rightly, got more of her time and attention. However, when you up and marry the man of the dreams you never knew you had and move out of town, all in the span of less than a year... the oldest child suddenly gets a lot more attention.:)

Now that I live out of town, if my parents come to visit us, or we go to visit them, I get to spend a lot more one on one time with them then the past years have allowed (or that I previously took advantage of.)

Mom just left, as she has a weekend full of activities with my high school aged sister, as well as several university athletic events to attend with my dad. So while my tiny humans nap a wee bit longer, I am off to get to the never ending piles of laundry (I swear our clothes procreate in the dryer!) and a few other chores to get ready for the weekend.

The weather here is supposed to be beyond gorgeous and perfectly fall-like!!! I have dreams of family park dates, pumpkin patch visits.... unfortunately there is the thing called VOL Football in our area, and they have a big game tomorrow. One my husband will need (in his mind) to watch.

Maybe we will load up the girls and take them to their first tailgate experience. Win Win for everyone - enjoying gorgeous weather outside and  football.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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