Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6: Sister Snapshots

In an effort to continue keeping up with the daily posts, especially on the weekends, I am going to do a weekly "sister snapshots" post. They will primarily just be pictures of what the girls have  been up to during the week.


First park outing as sisters. Double stroller+hills=ridiculous post csection work out

Ellie decided to try her hand at pushing...

Our version of Baby Crossfit :)

Holdings hands at the grocery store

Ellie loved Quinn's "shine wee-wee" (yellow outfit)

These two can create quite the mess while mommy unloads the groceries!

Making faces for the camera 

This is what Ellie does when we ask her to be "sweet to Quinn"  or "give Quinn love" - she goes head to head with her

Hand holding session before bed

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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