Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15: Feels like home

We are half way there in this 31 days of writing challenge. No one is more surprised than I am that I haven't skipped a day ... yet! ;)

Last night we took a step back into what has been a major part of our life since Jared and I started dating  - college ministry!

Since Quinn decided to make her debut at the start of the fall semester, the girls and I haven't been around campus at all. Other then a daycare classroom of 12-18 month olds, college campuses are some of the biggest cesspools of germs! Not something a 4 lb nothing babe needs exposure to. Jared has been able to take part in a few of the activities and services on campus. It is going to require some shuffling of schedules, good time management, and lots of preparation a head of time, but we are very ready to get back to the CSF as a family.

this is what Quinn did the entire time we were at the CSF

It felt so good to be back on campus. I am really excited to see how everything goes this school year. We've changed up the schedule this semester, have some really fun plans in the works ... It has the makings of a great school year.

We shall see how it all goes with two kids, under the age of two. 

Ellie's lovely new smile. Its a shame she has no personality!

I am not leading the girls bible study this year, thank God! While I loved my weekly time with the girls last year, leading a bible study is not my forte! I never got comfortable doing it, and was so nervous before each session. I am a much better "wing" person. I don't like being the person in just about any area in life. I prefer being the second person! 

I am a little sad we won't be going on the fall retreat this year, but that would just be disastrous. Maybe next year. Let's just take a peek back at itty bitty chunky Ellie at last year's retreat.

As much as I love being at the campus house or on and around UT's campus with the college students, some of my favorite times with the students are when they are at our house. 

Each semester we usually have a few evenings or afternoons a week where we have students in our house, scheduled or spontaneously. These times are where we are really able to build relationships with the students. Jared and I, along with the CSF staff , feel it is so important for the students to be around good, healthy, marriages and intact families. We try to keep our hearts and homes open and available for these kids.

Our DVR is also open to the students. We always have a show, or several, that are recording (and being stored) for a group viewing. This semester it's Hart of Dixie.

I love the fact that , for now, Ellie Faith and Quinn are being raised in an environment unusual to most infant and toddlers. Life doesn't necessarily revolve around them. They are learning to be flexible in their little schedules. They are seeing their front door, couch, fridge, etc being open to many outside our family.

I hope we are teaching them, even in these early years, that life in the body of Christ is about living out, and being an active part of a community.

We also get great babysitting benefits! :)

Last year's Girls Flag Football Team


October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Light a candle at 7 pm tonight in memory of lives lost.

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