Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 19: SURPRISE! Happiest birthday, Lolli!

When my mom called me this week to ask if she could come spend Thursday and Friday with us, of course we immediately wanted to say yes, but I knew something she didn't know.

My sister, the youngest of our brood, (along with some friends) had planned a surprise birthday brunch with mom's closest friends, and her kids.

I was planning on leaving early Saturday morning with the girls to surprise my mom at her party.

I just knew mom was going to end up wanting to stay until Saturday with us, and then we would really be up a creek. Luckily, she already had plans in place for Friday night that she had to get back in town for.

We had so many close calls to spilling the beans while my mom was visiting us, but somehow we pulled it off.

And boy was she ever surprised!

realizing all her friends were at the house

AND the grandbabies!

Ellie and I "hiding"

It was so fun to see my little sister showing so much growth and maturity in planning the perfect party.

I had to wake Ellie up about 2.5 hrs before she usually woke up, to get on the road in time. I think out of the nearly 3 hour car ride, only about 30 minutes did not involve screaming, tears, etc... from the toddler. And those were in less then 10 minute segments.

I might have called Jared about an hour in and told him I was letting him know the mile marker at which to come pick up his daughter.

.... but it was worth it in the long run.

this is the face of exhausted

worn out from all the adoration from Lolli's friends

My baby sis did such a great job coming up with sweet details for the party. Everyone was to bring a sunflower, a reese cup (my mom's favorite candy), and a card that stated what my mom meant to them, which they could read out loud if they choose.

We had a great time visiting and catching up.

Then it was time to "Bless" my mom. The lady who had helped Gracie pull together all the final details prayed a beautiful prayer over my mom, then we went around the room and shared some of our favorite memories, attributes, and characteristics of my mom.

Gracie and some of her friends during the prayer

My mom does not take the most basic of compliments well at all, so you can imagine how uncomfortable it was for her to sit through!:) But it was such a sweet time for all who were able to attend.

Sadly, I didn't get a picture before several of the ladies left
We all have our own individual love languages, but I think all females need words of affirmation and truth spoken into their lives throughout our lives. In a world where we are constantly comparing, or being compared to, everyone around us, it is so important to be reminded of what really makes you who you are.

Its not the perfect clothes and accessories, the best decorated home, the sassiest hair cut, the most amazing gourmet prepared meals... that are important. Its how we interact with each other. Support each other. Love each other that is so important. 

Its what leaves the most lasting influence, and deepens the relationship the most. 

The girls and I will be here for a few days, so posting is coming to be difficult. I had planned to have a few scheduled posts for this time, but mom's visit kinda wrecked those plans.:) If I can keep it up while here, the posts will be short at best.

the best picture we could get of the sisters in their party clothes
The Elliott women

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