Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2: tummy time

Y'all, I got to sleep on my stomach last night!

...and you thought I was going to talk about the all important developmental time infants should spend on their tummy.

Nope. This is about momma getting her "sleep back on."

I have been a stomach sleeper my entire life. Yes, I realize it's not the healthiest for posture, your back, etc... But it's just soooo comfy!!

This detail is one of the huge reasons sleep during my pregnancies leaves much to be desired. Thank God for the invention of body pillows!

I clearly remember the night after Ellie Faith's birth, flipping over onto my stomach and literally tearing up because it felt to good to finally get into my favorite  sleeping position.

As we were climbing into bed the night before we were going into the hospital for Quinn's induction, Jared said," well, just think babe - tomorrow night you get to sleep on your tummy again."


I ended up with a c-section. And while the pain was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, there was no way I could sleep on my tummy.

Speaking of jinxing, I totally jinxed myself by publishing yesterday's post as I was finishing Quinn's nursing session before bed. Do not ever speak, text, or blog about what easy, great sleeping babies you have as you are going to bed. Babies and God laugh at such occurrences. 

Now you know why I am writing about something so shallow, boring, and just blah... Mama is seriously sleep deprived!

So back to sleeping on my tummy...

The first night after my c-section if I laid at any angle above or below 75 degrees I would (nearly) pass out and/or vomit. Sleeping on my stomach didn't even cross my mind. The second night, due to a calamity of errors, I went 8 hours without my (non-narcotic) pain meds. By 6 am I was about incoherent I was so uncomfortable and sleep deprived. 

I might have shed tears to my husband in those early morning hours while whining," I just want to sleep on my tummy!" Cause clearly that was the most pressing matter at hand.

So I have continued, much to my husbands disgruntlement, to utilize my dear body pillow.

Until last night, around 4:45 am... Sleep was elusive thanks to my teeny tiny (sleepless) rockstar. Your mind starts wandering during these types of hours. Often to unsafe places.

... Remember when you slept for more then 2.5 consecutive hours?

... Remember when you only had one baby and could just sleep in/nap after sleepless nights.

... Remember when you could flip over onto your stomach and be sound asleep in 2.5 seconds?

Wait! Stomach sleeping? Oh I have missed you! Maybe I'm ready?!

So slowly over I flip...

Ah, it felt so good!! Until it didn't.;) 

I do not advise getting out of bed from a stomach-lying position by pushing yourself up with your arms. Vinyasa yoga style. Your abs haven't moved like that since about your 6th week of pregnancy, and the tissues around your healing incision are not meant to move in such a fashion!!

So, tummy time is going to be reserved for the infant in our home for now. However, my brief time in the prone position did serve as a reminder of the glorious sleep I once experienced... During times when there isnt a newborn in our house. 

I will again someday. When my baby(ies) are older. 

While I can't say I will ever long for the sleepless nights, I am already sad that someday in the future newborns won't be a part of our life. 

So until my tummy is ready to help/allow me blissful sleep (and Quinn sleeps through the night) I am off to apply extra cover-up under my eyes. Sleep deprivation isn't a good look on anyone!

In the mean time this little nugget sure seems to enjoy sleeping on her tummy (while mommy is awake and watching near by).


  1. I'm finally to the point that little man protests and kicks if I sleep on my tummy, so I have to always be propped up on my side with the pregnancy pillow *Sad face* - I miss tummy time too!

    1. Its such a "selfishly sad" day when that happens, Josey! No other sleeping positions comes close in comparison!:)

  2. Getting caught up on your blog. Congrats on family of 4! It is wonderfully challenging isn't it?
    I feel you on the mommy tummy time! It's amazing!!! I've always been a tummy sleeper

    1. Thanks Kate! I miss getting to keep up with your family! Hope all is well with you guys! We will get back to tummy sleeping again...someday!:)