Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7: Happy 1 Month, Quinn Collins!

...this post was originally intended for October 5, Quinn's actual one month birthday. However, the day got away from me, I didn't finish writing the post, and I didn't have the pictures ready that I wanted to use.

Better later than never.

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Quinn Collins!

The perfectionist in me always hates/get confused as to what it do about the difference of the 4 week milestones vs 1 month. Quinn was 4 weeks on Thursday, but one month today. 

This time a month ago we were getting ready to go home from the hospital.

It was an all day process, so we didn't get home until that evening. 

It was just me and Jared at home with our new little bundle the first 5 days, as Ellie Faith went home with my parents.

We missed our first born so much it hurt at times, but she had a great time, and we really enjoyed our "alone" time with Quinn during that time.

How on earth has it been a month already?!?!

Quinn is not looking like the miniature baby we brought home - she has outgrown her preemie wardrobe and is actually filling out her newborn clothes!!

We have her one month appointment later today. I can't wait to see how much she weighs and how long she is now.

It feels like just a month ago we were reaching this milestone with Ellie Faith.

Time in parenthood flies by entirely too fast. Unless you are talking about nights with feedings... Those tend to last for next to an eternity.;)

Even though I am not wishing her infanthood away, I am excited to see Quinn's little personality emerge. So farci think she is more laid back then Ellie (even though Ellie was incredible easy going as a baby). However, this girl does have a feisty side. She isn't a big crier, but shoo baby when she does she makes sure everyone heard her. All the medical staff commented on it at the hospital. It was like she had the lungs of a 10 lb baby, not the 4 lb mini that she was.

I would not at all be surprised if Ellie Faith ends up with more of her daddy's personality and Quinn has more of mine. However, overall Jared and I have fairly similar personalities... So we shall see how similar our girls end up.

My inlaws are being gems and taking Ellie to their house for part of the day, so I will just be a mommy to one again. I have several time intensive tasks I am hoping to accomplish in the toddlers absence...

... But dang, a nap sounds really really really good!!


  1. I'm very glad to have found your blog! I have a 20 month old girl as well, and am expecting #2 in December. We also went through fertility treatments before having 2 under 2! You look like you still have your hair on, so that gives me hope:)

    1. Welcome, Keshet! 2 under 2 is exhausting, at times, but honestly its been a way more smooth transition then I anticipated. Its been a lot of fun. With one kid, I kinda felt like we were "playing family." After the 2nd its like "holy cow we are like legit parents/adults now!":) Good luck with your upcoming arrival!