Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5: too short to title

Well, During my early am nursing sessions I almost completed the post I was going to publish today, but never got the pictures taken that I needed to accompany the post.

I almost just skipped today, but figured it was wayyyy to early on to start skipping!;)

Weekends are times I either get the most writing done or next to none. Looks like this is a next to none weekend.:)

It's been a crazy, busy, fun day full of family and friends.

Jared's aunt and uncle stopped by to visit us/meet Quinn this morning. They are always so much fun to see!

After they left we loaded up the girls to go visit with some friends, the Myers,who were in from out of town visiting parents. The ladies and kids stayed back at the house, while the guys went to the UT-GA football  game. We don't get to see each other often enough, but we always have such a great time when we do.

And now our kids are clearly enjoying each other's company as well. 

Yes, arranged marriage talks are already in the works. :)

Sadly, UT lost, but they lost well, thankfully. I say thankfully because for the first time this season my husband is actually in a good mood after a game. A rarity after the last few UT football seasons.

Tomorrow is a full day too. Hoping to grab a few quiet moments though to rest and relax.

Rest and relaxation are definitely not hard things to find for this little love bug.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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