Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 20: soaking up friends and family time

We are currently riding in my parents car, so we shall how coherent or even complete this post is.

I am in the back of the minivan with my girls. 

Ellie has recently developed an obsession with hand holding.

She asks to "ho heends" the entire time we are in the car. I am vertically challenged, making ho-ing heends in the car very difficult if I am in  the passenger seat, and impossible from the drivers seat.

She is loving having me right next to her for easy access. 

Can't say I mind myself.;)

This afternoon, the girls and I accompanied my sister and parents to the birthday party at the house of some dear family friends.  

Ellie had a blast with all the "big" kids, plus the family only has girls so there were tons of girly toys to try out.

Unfortunately, this means she didn't nap, which wasn't too big of a deal until the past hour....

Ellie was watching Disney movies with some of the big girls, and when my dad picked her up to carry her to the car, the wails that erupted were of pure heart break.

On the way home, listening to "me" (Jesus loves me) on repeat was a necessity for happiness. Then Ellie asked for "shiiiine", so my mom kindly switched the song to "this little light of mine." Apparently it was not the correct shiiiine based on wails that filled the car.... for the rest of car ride!

Several hours later ...

Whew! Barely getting this in on time!The toddler fit required my full attention... And both hands. Continuing on...

We finished the evening off on a high note - pizza and a visit with my brother Daniel!

Quinn is still wide awake, and has been for most of the day. I think I gave her a buzz from all the coffee that I drank this morning that apparently wasn't decaf. Oops

It could be a long night....

Off to the pumpkin pact tomorrow!

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