Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 4: consigning mama

Whew! This is going to be short... Yesterday was a ridiculously fast and busy day, and today I am hoping to get us three girls up, fed, dressed, and out the door in time for play group. We haven't been since Quinn's birth, and poor Ellie Faith is about to go stir crazy!!

We shall see how it goes:)

Yesterday, I left Ellie Faith with a babysitter during her nap, loaded Quinn into the car and headed out to our city's biggest consignment sale.

In case you are new here, I am all about shopping consignment and/or discount! I buy all the girls clothes at one or two consignment sales twice a year. Only about 10% of their wardrobe is new, from the store. I even did a post on some consignment shopping tips here.

I spent 4 hours shopping yesterday!

Yes, that is just about as miserable and exhausting as it sounds.

I had to do a lot more digging and sorting then I usually do. Not sure if it was because the quality of clothes was that much worse this year, or just that I went later into the sale then usual. So it wasn't my best/most favorite haul ever, but I still got plenty of cute stuff for both girls.

My little shopping buddy slept most of the time (thankfully), but still generated plenty of attention. Most people thought she was days old (because normal people take their 4 day old to a consignment sale the size of the state fair) and were shocked to learn she was 4 weeks old.

But my favorite conversation (and by favorite I mean most memorable) was this exchange... 

Keep in mind "lady" reeked of cigarette  smoke... While carrying her 6wk old in a baby wearing device. This makes the nurse in me want to call child protective services more than you know!

Lady: gosh she tiny! Was she premature?

Me: a little... She was born at 36 wks

Lady: mine'un was born over 4 weeks premature. Had to spend some time in the nicu. 'Yun?

Me: no thankfully she didn't have go to the nicu.

Lady: wow, and her is so tiny. What'd she weigh?

Me: 4 lb 11oz. How about yours

Lady: 10 lb 12 oz

Me:........ Well, thank goodness she came  early.

Lady: Ha ha I know! They'd liked to never have gotten her out if she hadn't.

Y'all ... That baby was more than twice  Quinn's size!! I can not even imagine!

And my apologies to those of you unfamiliar with east-Tennessee-eese. I am still adjusting to it and learning its meanings and definitions myself.

How about you - any other consignment shopping, bargain hunting mamas out there? Is love to hear your tips and tricks!

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